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10 Ways to Be More Productive at the Office

Ever wonder why you can fit 100 tasks into a Saturday, but can only manage to do 5 on a work day? Most likely you are able to be productive when its tasks that are important to you. At the office, distractions, phone calls and boredom get you off track and thus lead to being unproductive. Here are 10 ways to help you be more productive and leave the office feeling good about your daily accomplishments.

1.) Clean your desk: If you can’t find anything on your desk, you will spend more time searching for your work than doing it. Spend a few hours and clean it up, you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel.

2.) Simplify your email inbox: Checking your inbox and sorting through the junk can easily take up thirty to sixty minutes of your day. Most all email clients give you the option to create filters / alerts to pro-actively sort your inbound messages. Create filters / alerts for messages from certain individuals or for certain types of messages of a lower priority (newsletters, so you can focus on messages from customers, vendors or superiors.

3.) Stay on a schedule: Although unplanned office duties arise, for the most part you need to create a schedule on a calendar and stick to it. Consider syncing your work computer to your smart phone to keep the same schedule, alerts and appointments all at hand. Talk to your boss about getting a time tracking program to help you stay focused through out the day. Check out for a free 30-day trial.

4.) Arrive at work earlier: Most people are able to be more productive when they don’t have coworkers and other office distractions disturbing them. If you get to work 1 hour earlier, you can use this time for planning, sorting, cleaning, so when your coworkers arrive, you can hit the ground running.

5.) Keep meetings to a minimum: If you scheduled a staff meeting, stick to an allotted amount of time and respect your attendees’ time as well. Determine if some meetings can be handled with a webinar or by phone instead of at a remote location that involves everyone driving and taking up more time.

6.) Ask for help: If you have a big deadline, or feel overwhelmed ask for assistance. Your boss or coworkers may be able to divide/share in the workload to ensure it meets the deadline.

7.) Schedule short breaks: Throughout your day, get up from your desk and walk around and get fresh air. Your brain and body work better when they are revived periodically.

8.) Assess yourself: Everyone works differently. If you know you’re most productive first thing in the morning – then handle your most difficult assignments at that time. You will be more efficient when you work on your own terms.

9.) Set personal goals: Keep yourself motivated by setting your own goals. “If I finish this task, I can go to lunch earlier and avoid the lunch rush” for example.

10.) Be your own cheerleader: Leave your workday each day congratulating yourself on what you accomplished. For items you didn’t finish, come up with a new plan tomorrow.

You can leave your job happier and arrive at the job ready to work when you develop a system for productivity. Try these 10 tips and see how much work you get done during the week now! Have any other tips? Be sure to share your comments below.

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