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2010 Holiday Gifts For Your Boss

The holiday season has arrived. With the cheer of the holiday season comes smells of baked cookies, sparkling decorative lights, and packed stores with seemingly interminable lines. Yes, many of us haven’t even started our holiday shopping; or have a good amount of it left to do. Chances are, if you haven’t completed your holiday shopping, one of the people you still have to buy something for is your boss, because, let’s face it, it can be a little difficult to find something appropriate to give your boss. If you are one of many procrastinators who is still searching for a gift for your boss, check out the following list of gift ideas (all under $50). If you don’t know your boss particularly well, you might want to stay on the “traditional” side of the list. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try something from the “unique” side of the list.

Traditional Gifts For Your Boss

Wireless Induction Charging Base - Who wouldn’t want a cordless charging base for their cell phone. The process is simple. Slide the charging pad on the back of the phone and then simply lay the phone onto the charging base. If your boss has an iPhone or certain Blackberry models then you’ll need to buy an extra piece, so make sure you know what type of cellular device your boss has. You can buy the charging base at Brookstone for just $29.95 (plus they have same day shipping).



Single Cup Coffeemaker – Is your boss a coffee buff? If the answer is yes, then what would be a better gift (especially for the cold winter months) than this single cup coffeemaker? It brews a 15 oz. batch of coffee into this stainless steel travel mug. Do I need to say anything more? You can pick yours up at Sharper Image for $29.99.







Personalized Pen Stand – If your boss is the type who is always on time and well organized then this could be the gift for you. For under $20, you can buy your boss a personalized pen stand that includes a digital clock (LCD screen) which not only tells the time but also displays the date, temperature and doubles as an alarm clock / timer. Then there is the ergonomically-friendly pen. Its a stylish, functional gift perfect for a variety of personality types. You can purchase this pen stand at Things Remembered for just $19.99.



Unique Gifts For Your Boss

Wine Tasting Game – If you know that your boss (or their spouse) has a taste for wine then here is a great, fun gift idea for your boss this holiday season. This game allows wine enthusiasts to test their own knowledge while indulging in new wines. Two to Eight people can play this game. You can pick up a copy of the wine tasting board game at for $35.








Workday Recovery Kit – Work in a stressful or high pressure environment? A great wayto cut some of that tension (and share a few laughs) is by purchasing a Workday Recovery Kit for your boss. This kit contains a 16-page remedy booklet, silicone bracelet, 5 affirmation cards, 5 healing bandages, recovery certificate, and metal charm. You can buy the Workday Recovery Kit on Amazon for just $13.50.





Decision Maker – Lets face it every boss has difficult decisions to make. From budgeting to hiring (and firing) to management, it can be astressful job. Help make their life easier (by providing a smile or two) by purchasing them modern day version of the “8 Ball.” The electronic star-shaped decision maker will help your boss make their big decisions a little bit easier. You can purchase the assisted decision maker at for $22.50.

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