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8 Tips to a Healthier Day in the Office

Eating healthy throughout the work day can be a challenge. Between meetings, phone calls and deadlines, eating tends to be the least thought about part of your busy day. There are ways to eat healthier and start a more active lifestyle at work. If you could save money, get exercise, and eat healthier wouldn’t you love to learn how? Here are 8 tips for adopting a healthier lifestyle at the office.

1.) Pack snacks/lunch every day: To avoid overeating and trips to the break room vending machine, pack snacks that are healthy like vegetables, nuts, and low calorie foods.  When you’re distracted with work assignments it is easy to snack and eat. If you pack snacks and your lunch daily you will snack on healthy food instead of the alternative.

2.) Get up from your desk regularly: Taking breaks from your work on a regular basis is good for your mind to recharge and great for your body. Take a walk outside to get fresh air if possible and open a window to let stale air out of your office. For some, getting up gives a chance to stay creative throughout the day and not let your mind get stagnant.

3.) Drink more water: Water can act as a hunger suppressor as well as keep you hydrated. Water can also act as an excuse to have to periodically get up throughout the day and head for the bathroom!  Try and drink at least eight, twelve ounce glasses of water a day. You’ll be surprised how you will eat less throughout your work day.

4.) Schedule exercise on your lunch hour: If you have a job that you can take off at lunch time, consider using this time to go to the gym, or walk to a close destination. If you can’t use your lunch time, bring your gym bag in the car and head to the gym before or after work.

5.) Don’t skip breakfast: You’ve heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  When you skip breakfast it takes longer for your mind and body to be productive at work. Eating breakfast will start your metabolism sooner in your day, and help you be wide awake when the work comes.

6.) Avoid eating at your desk: Try and eat in a break room, outdoor area, or location away from your desk. Eating at your desk can lead to food borne illnesses due to lack of cleaning routines at your desk. Desk eating also causes you to overeat because you’re concentrated on your work and not your food.

7.) Wash your hands often: To keep healthy at work wash your hands often, especially after using communal areas such as office copy and fax machines.  Keep hand sanitizer at your desk and use throughout the day to help avoid passing germs onto others and in turn keeping the office healthy.

8.) Keep strong minded: Coworkers who go out to eat every day, and office birthday parties that bring in fattening desserts can be a temptation and often times, you can feel peer pressure.  Stay strong minded in your goals to lead a healthier lifestyle at the office.

Your day at the office can be more productive and healthier with the help of these 8 tips. Start to implement them one by one. In a few days/weeks you will be on your way to a healthier you and workplace.

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