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About The Supplies Guys & Peripheral Visions

One day long, long ago in 1998, the Supplies Guys began selling ink and toner for printers. As their customer base became larger, they added printers to the mix for easy one-stop shopping.

As the Supplies Guys continued to grow, they hired some really fun employees that thought it would be a great idea to start a blog. Together they agonized over the thought of writing about printers day in and day out. They believed that no one, not even their happy-go-lucky, printer-loving employees would want to read about printers all day.

And then it hit them like a rubber band from the next cubicle. The Supplies Guys realized that most of their customers either owned or worked for a small business. Why not talk about things relevant to small businesses? What a genius idea.

So, Peripheral Visions was born as a place to discuss peripherals (get it, like printers!?) in addition to small business-related topics and ideas. Here you can read about anything from customer service to compatible toner.

And, if you have more exciting and fun topics you’d like to see discussed here, contact us
anytime and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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