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Also From Google: Updated Android OS – Can It Compete with Apple?

Google TV wasn’t the only big thing announced at Google’s I/O keynote. In addition to their new web TV, Google presented version 2.2 of their Android OS, codenamed Froyo.  Although there is an existing version of the Android OS, this update is so big because Google is bringing HTML5 and Flash to the plate. With Apple knocking themselves completely off the roster, this could be a huge win for Google.

The absence of Flash on the iPad has been a major complaint since the device’s release in early April. But, Flash isn’t the only thing Froyo has on Apple.

To start, this Android OS will have the ability to run web apps as well as native apps. It will also be much easier to transfer desktop apps directly to the mobile device. Froyo has a “Send-To-Android” feature that enables links, maps, etc to be sent directly to your phone rather than via text or email, completely eliminating the need to launch a relevant application. Google also improved their voice commands to actually search for the number of the business you are searching for.

Another major upgrade to the Android OS is the addition of wireless tethering and hotspot functionality. This allows the user to grab an Internet connection from their Android mobile device right to their laptop. TechCrunch reports that Google is giving wireless carriers the ability to control how much tethering will cost, or if they want to disable the option entirely on certain models.

What seems to be the most impressive part of Froyo’s debut was the live comparison of the updated Android OS against the old version as well as the iPad. You can see it for yourself in the video below. The updated Froyo OS is all the way to the left, moving much faster than the old OS to its right, and the iPad to its far right.

With so many exciting and useful updates that appear especially useful for the businessperson on the go, version 2.2 of the Android OS may win a lot of hearts that it didn’t have before. What do you think? Will Google be able to rise and conquer or will Apple hold its ground?

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