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Attracting New Facebook Page Fans

Whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, it’s no secret that using social media is a hot trend for small businesses.  Social media can be a huge advantage to your business; it helps you get your name out, reach a new audience and even boost sales of your product or service. Social media can have a positive impact on your business if—and that’s a big if—if you use it correctly. One of the biggest challenges small companies face when it comes to social media is how to use it to your fullest advantage. In this post, I’ll give you a few tips how to increase your web presence using social media, specifically Facebook Pages, in the most efficient way possible.

Creating a Facebook Page for your small business is a great way to get your brand name out there. But how are you going to get people to look at it in the first place? Facebook lets you become a “fan” of a page. (Note, the folks at Facebook have recently changed it to “liking” the page, but for the purpose of this blog “fans” and “likes” will be synonymous)

Getting the fans in the first place is the hard part—so where do you start? It’s a very simple answer: use your own network first. Reach out to family, friends, employees, vendors, partners, even customers and invite them using the Facebook “suggest to friends” button. Then encourage them to do the same. Creating this exponential growth will start the waterfall of people visiting your fan page. Next, use widgets to embed your Facebook fan page on your own website and or blog. You can find a number of Facebook plugins here. If you can’t find the perfect placement, use social media icons to direct users to your fan page. This will drive users who are already interested your company to take a look and hopefully like your page.

So you have some fans. How do you keep them? By keeping your page and posts up to date and interactive your fans will stay interested in the content you are posting. Interactive posts include:

  • Contests- Giving away things, or even just enticing your users need for competition will almost always allure them to participate in the fun. In this example from (614) Magazine, they encourage their users to quickly respond leaving them at the edge of their seat clicking refresh to see if they’ve won: “Let’s kick off November with a FREE Breakfast Giveaway! Tell us your favorite part of this chilly month for your chance to win breakfast for 4 at Danny’s Deli. Don’t forget, the November issue of (614) Magazine hits stands TODAY…GO!”

  • Trivia: Using trivia will not only get more information about your company or product, but also keep your fans interested in learning more. Here’s an example from United Skates of America : “Skateology Trivia- Did you know the term “Rollerblade” is a company name. They are technically called in-line skates. It’s kind of like calling a tissue a Kleenex. ”

  • User specific coupons: If you offer coupons to your fans exclusively, they will be more likely to come back look for any more deals they can find.  Here’s a perfect example from Nurtur The Salon, : “If you’re voting today Nurtur is offering 50% off of a haircut or hair color service with our talent level stylists. Just show us your “I Voted” sticker!”

All of these tips are perfect ways to keep your fans coming back for the latest information. Doing so will also encourage your fans to share your page with their circle of friends.

We could go on and on about creative ways to get more fans, but starting out with a solid foundation is key.  For more ideas, there’s an awesome article done by the Social Media Examiner called 21 Creative Ways to Increase your Facebook fanbase that will help you expand even further. Just remember, using social media  the best way to get your name out there and expand your business’ audience, but only if you use if effectively.

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