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Lexmark’s Clever Use for Your Printer

This Lexmark commercial might be a great trick you’ll want to play on someone you know!

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Toasters that think they are Printers

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Toast Printer

A toaster that doubles as a printer, how genius is this in both design and functionality?

The print toaster, which connects to your computer through a USB connection, can “print” any image or graphics that you’d like onto the bread, during the toasting incubation period. The toast printer appropriately titled, “Printing your Toast,” was designed by a Swedish man by the name of Othmar Muehlebach. His design recently placed second at the 2009 Berner Design Awards.

There is also no need to worry about your toast getting cold anymore, as this toast printer operates much like a typical inkjet printer and prints in succession. Except in this case the printer is actually the toaster, the paper the bread, and the ink has been substituted for heat and coils. Much like an inkjet printer, this toast printer “feeds” its bread into the bread tray. That way you have warm slices of bread coming one after another!

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Toast Messenger

The Toast Messenger

Have you ever been running late in the morning, and you remember at the last second that you need them to “pick up the kids from school today”? Well now there is no need to have that ugly white board on the refrigerator anymore, simply jot down a quick message on the Message Toaster, and it’ll do the rest.

The Message Toaster was designed by Sasha Tseng, and provides a message pad to write quick or  important notes which can be shared with others. After you write down the note on the pad, you can make certain that your message will find it’s intended recipient by burning the message directly onto the bread.  That way when your significant other wakes up to the smell of warm toast in the morning and thinks to themselves, “now I remember why I married them,” they will be sure to see your message and quickly realize that you had alternative motives!

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Thanksgiving Cheers from The Supplies Guys

How do you choose to spend your Thanksgiving holiday? Maybe you will be sitting around a ping pong table in the company of your closest family members and friends (a la Charlie Brown) or perhaps, however slightly less probable, you’ll be enjoying a toast with your fellow comrade – 200 miles above earth’s orbit.

However you spend the holiday season, it is important to spend this time with family and friends while giving thanks for all that has been provided to us in our life time. Webster defines thankful as, “being conscious of benefit received.” These days with our culture’s fact-paced lifestyle, it isn’t often we take time out of our schedule and consciously recognize the benefits we have received from friends, family, and life in general. Thanksgiving was founded on the principal of appreciation and giving – so honor Thanksgiving by expressing your gratitude with the ones you care most for.

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Supplies Guys would like to mention what we are grateful for. First and foremost we give thanks for our families and health. We are also thankful to our customers – because without your continued support over the years, we wouldn’t be writing this today.  Our vow to you today, actually more of a commitment,  but we will continue to offer to you the products that you need at the lowest prices possible, while providing the best customer service we can. We will continue to be in the business of making happy customers.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

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When Your Printer Gives You Problems…

Do anything but this!

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