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Congress Aids Small Businesses with Free Printer Supplies – April Fools!

Last Thursday, we sent out an email explaining new regulations that The Supplies Guys had found in the economic stimulus plan. In the email, we explained to all of our customers that the government was giving free ink and toner supplies to small businesses. The email read as follows:

Dear John Doe-

If you are a small business you should know of a provision in the latest government jobs bill, that as part of this new economic stimulus package, the United States Government is giving small businesses free printer supplies through 2011.

Bill S.3103 was introduced in the Senate this month with the title “Small Business Job Creation Act of 2010″ with the stated intent “to help small businesses create new jobs and drive our nation’s economic recovery.”

To be eligible for this provision, you must employ less than one person and have yearly revenues of one billion or more. Read the full details here.

Thank you,
The Supplies Guys

As you can see, the end of the email states the eligibility for this program – “employ less than one person and have yearly revenues of one billion or more.” As both are nearly impossible, we used that tagline to set up for the joke. From there, we used “Read the full details” as a link to the customer’s personal website that waited to surprise the customer with the following banner:

At The Supplies Guys, we had a good time executing this friendly April Fools joke, and hope that you all enjoyed receiving it!

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