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Evangelist Marketing – What Is It and How Can You Use It?

What Is Evangelist Marketing

Evangelist marketing is marketing strategies that rely on ideas being spread from one person to another, person or group. This type of marketing is also known as word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM or influencer marketing).

This type of marketing occurs when a company takes a product or service that they offer and convince consumers that they need to have it, or at least need to try it. From buying and trying the product or service, the consumer then spreads the word about their experience, here in which the consumer becomes an evangelist or influencer of the product.

Essentially, the main goal of evangelist marketing is to tap into your consumer base. If a company trusts the benefit of their product to be so great, there’s no doubt that customers will spread the word as advocates.

How Small Businesses Can Utilize Evangelist Marketing

As social media increasingly becomes a way companies communicate with their customers, small businesses can use evangelist marketing to assist in creating a community. While this can also be applied offline, it may be easier to gather customer evangelists together in one virtual space.

Small businesses can also use evangelist marketing to gather feedback from customers. While evangelists are those that are extremely fond of the product that you have to offer, no one can tell you more about your product than those that have actually used it.

Once you have created a community of customer evangelists, there is a relationship built and trust established, which enables the company to tap into the knowledge of the community. Having a strong community allows the company to ask deeper, more involved questions, such as what would you change about this product? Or what do you hear others saying about this product?

An Example of Evangelism Marketing

A recent example of evangelist marketing is Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza established a community of customer evangelists that associated themselves with the product by showing appreciation with likes on Facebook and views on YouTube. From this large community, the researchers at Domino’s were able to tap into the minds of these evangelists and find out what they could do to improve their pizza. This caused an entire redesign of Domino’s structure, which in turn increased the size of their evangelist community.


Evangelist marketing is a solid approach for companies that have a product they know will benefit and make a difference in consumers life, and will be something consumers will talk about and spread the word. It is also a beneficial marketing strategy in that it is relatively expensive, especially when utilizing social media.

A great resource for those looking to incorporate evangelist marketing into their marketing plan is the book Creating Customer Evangelists by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Another great (and free!) resource offered by McConnell and Huba is “Testify! How Remarkable Organizations are Creating Customer Evangelists.”

What are your thoughts on evangelist marketing? Is it a strategy you would consider for your small business?

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