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Google Celebrates Their 13th Birthday!

Google is now officially a teenager, when I look back to when I turned 13 thoughts of maturity comes to mind. Becoming a freshman in High School was a HUGE step. I thought I had achieved so much; graduated from Middle School, set a record for the most goals scored in soccer at my middle school,  I felt as if I accomplished a lot by the time I was 13. Too bad it doesn’t even come close to Google’s major achievements in which they’ve accomplished in the past 13 years. Google was officially incorporated in 1998, and now in 13 years it is the most widely used search engine amongst numerous other achievements. So on Google’s big day, I figured, why not take a look back at some of its great achievements.

Google's First Homepage

1998 – Larry Page and Sergey Brin buy the domain name and incorporate Google, Inc.

1999 – Google opens their first office in Palo Alto, California with just 8 employees, and receive $25 Million from venture capitalists.

2000 – Google ads text ads to their results page which generated revenue but yet kept their page load time fairly minimal due to text-only ads.

2001 – Google expands its search engine into 26 different languages and regions.

2002 – Google overhauls Google Adwords and creates the cost structure on a Cost-per-click structure, also implements Google Labs, a place in which users can test Google’s beta projects.

2003 – Google adds Google AdSense to their line-up of apps, which enables advertisers small and large to strategically place their ads on content pages related to their topics.

2004 – Google filed for an IPO, and raised $1.67 Billion dollars in the process growing their market capitalization to $23 Billion, ultimately leading to Larry Page and Sergey Brin being some of the youngest Billionaires in the US, and the World.

2004 – Gmail was released.

2005 – Google Maps was created and even came out with a mobile version of

2006 – Google came out with 20 new products from Gchat to Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

2007 – Google created Android, the first open source platform for mobile devices.

2008 – Google’s index of unique URLs reached 1 trillion URLs.

2009 – Picasa is released for Mac’s as a photo editor.

2010 – Acquired a 20% stake in two wind farms in North Dakota to try and help find alternative energy.

2011 – Introduction of a new social media platform, Google +, also added +1’s throughout the internet to help develop better search engine results.

2011 – Acquired Motorola Mobility in efforts to further develop a better mobile phone platform and mobile phone hardware.

For a full timeline of Google’s achievements, check out their website here. Google has had the ability to continuously grow at such a fast pace, if this is what they accomplished in the first 13 years of being a company; I can only imagine what Google will accomplish next! What do you think is next on Google’s list of achievements?

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