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Google TV is Here… Will You Watch?

The ongoing question “What Will Google Do Next” has just been answered… Google TV! Just announced today, 5/20/2010, Google is launching their own “web/tv” application that will run on the popular Android operating system and will stream web content to your television. Google will first introduce this new tv application inside of a “set top box” called a Buddy Box that you will plug directly into your tv. The hardware will have internet access to provide users with TV and web content from various sites including You Tube, Flickr, Pandora. Google has partnered with Sony, Intel, DirectTV and Logitech to create the hardware that will be used to run their application.

The Google TV application/software will soon be available directly on TV’s, Blu Ray players, and the above mentioned  set top boxes that all must have internet access.

If you already have a phone with the android OS on it, then don’t worry about needing a remote control. Google has stated that any android based cell phone can act as the remote control / keyboard that will control the Google TV application.

Google has been in your office at home and work for years, and more recently in your cell phone, and now they are trying to get in your living room…

Will you let them in?


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