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Got Phaser 8560 Ink?

So you own one of the world’s most powerful Xerox printers, the Phaser 8560, but now you want to learn more about how to take care of your printer while keeping maintenance costs low. Well the first thing you should do (if you haven’t done so already) is to download the Xerox Phaser 8560 manual from Xerox Corp’s website. The 8560 manual should provide you with a detailed user guide and advanced features guide; installation guide and provide instructions for how to change your 8560 ink sticks and other printer supplies. We wanted to take some time and review common Phaser 8560 maintenance tips which are reviewed below. Hope you enjoy!

Phaser 8560 Ink Sticks

It is pretty clear to state that you should replace your 8560 solid ink sticks whenever your printer says it is running low. However on average one solid ink stick will typically yield 840 pages on a 5% coverage rate. If you are interested in getting the most out of your solid ink sticks, then we recommend you not allowing your printer to cool in-between print jobs (your printer needs to warm the ink prior to printing, so that is why printing in succession can maximize the life of your solid ink sticks).

One of the nicest perks when it comes to owning a Phaser 8560 printer is that there are plenty of options to help keep printing costs down. The two options are to either buy new, compatible solid Phaser 8560 ink sticks by volume (3+ solid ink sticks per color) or to buy bundled solid ink sticks.  Buying compatible solid ink sticks can save you up to 50% over the genuine OEM product. Manufacturers of compatible solid Phaser 8560 ink sticks will typically provide a guarantee to their ink sticks. Retailers of such products should also be offering a guarantee for compatible solid ink sticks.

The second option to help reduce the price of printing is to purchase your Phaser 8560 ink sticks in bundles. “Bundles,” is a term which typically refers to: three or more solid ink sticks in each color  – cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  It would be possible to purchase one bundle and walk away with 16 ink sticks (4 of each color). Buying the compatible solid ink sticks in bulk will allow for you to lower your cost / print on the Phaser 8560 series. If you are not comfortable purchasing compatible Phaser 8560 ink sticks but you still want the perks of saving money, then consider buying a bundled genuine OEM package.

To learn exactly what solid ink sticks are and how they work check out this post titled, Phaser solid ink sticks.

Phaser 8560 Maintenance Kit

Replacing your Phaser 8560 maintenance kit is a routine process for “maintaining” the health of your printer.  The 8560 maintenance kit includes: How often you need to replace your maintenance kit depends in terms of time, however maintenance kits for this printer model typically need to be changed every 10,000 prints (the standard maintenance kit).  Your printer will let you know when it is time for an upgrade :) Neglecting your printer’s warnings could lead to other expensive repair problems! Now if you don’t feel like changing your Phaser 8560 maintenance kit every 10,000 prints you can opt to purchase an “extended” maintenance kit. This option will allow you to print triple the amount at a significantly lower cost per print. Much like the Phaser 8560 Xerox ink sticks, buying compatible 8560 maintenance kits (both standard and extended versions) is a possibility.

Phaser 8560 N to DN Upgrade

The advantage of purchasing a Xerox N to DN upgrade is that it enables you to perform auto-duplexing thus saving time, money and frustration. Auto-duplexing is simply a term that means the printer is automatically printing on both sides (double-sided printing). Adjust the settings on the printer and you will be ready to go.

Other Phaser 8560 Printer Upgrades

Now there are a few quick and inexpensive ways to maximize the performance of your Phaser 8560 printer. If you work at a larger office or if your 8560 printer is constantly being summoned, then you may want to consider a memory upgrade (256 MB or 512 MB are both options) in order to extend your printing queue.  You should also consider purchasing the 8560 productivity kit. The productivity kit is essentially a hard drive for your printer. This will enable your 8560 printer to: print with extended font / form storage, saved personalized printer settings and more. Adding extra paper trays is also a convenient way extend printing capacity (each printer tray holds 525 sheets) if your Phaser 8560 is in high demand. Or if your sheet feeder ever breaks, that can be replaced too. We saved the best, most convenient upgrade for last – the wireless network adapter. The wireless network adapter transforms the Phaser 8560 printer from an Ethernet enabled printer to a fully wireless device. This allows your Phaser 8560 printer to be located anywhere in the office!

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