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Great Customer Service Matters for Small Business and Big Business Alike

At The Supplies Guys we take great care and pride in our customer service, yet there are times when we are reminded by customers of just how important this really is. This week we received an email from a customer who not only appreciates great customer service, but as a small business owner fully understands how treating customers like gold is not just a good business practice, it is the only way to do business. He also provided us with some very inspirational insight that I think our readers will appreciate. So here is the email in full, unedited. Enjoy!

—– Email Insert —–
Hi Melissa!

 I got to thinking about the experience I’ve had with Supplies Guys so far, and wanted to pass along this commendation for your excellent customer service. My dad often said that small businesses were the backbone of America.  Today I hear more and more how in-debt governments (like ours) decide to go further into debt to give billions in bail-outs to big corporations, while taxing the small businesses –the middle class– more and more.  The signs of the times really bring Dad’s words to mind, and I often shake my head in realization of how vital small businesses are to our economy, our country, and -even though it may sound like a stretch- the blessed freedoms we have in the USA.

The ability to borrow your dad’s lawnmower and start a business mowing the neighbors’ yards…  the freedom to build a chicken coop with your own hands and your own sweat and sell eggs to the neighborhood  –and know that you succeed or fail because of how you do business…  that’s the gritty reality that keeps American industry strong, and forces small businesses to actually serve their customers instead of putting such low value on customers that they outsource customer service to India and confuse customers with endless automated voice systems.

Which is why I’m writing this review.  From my long-distance experience with SuppliesGuys, you guys (gals) have a strong business backbone.  You actually have real customer service for their business, and that shows that you value us as customers.  Your professional website may look like you’re a big corporation, but after talking with customer service a few times, it’s clear that regardless of your size, you’ve got small-business customer service at heart. So, you get my praise for your customer service, and in my book, you’re not a big corporation; you’re just a really successful small business.  :-D

I hope God blesses American men and women with the gumption to start more small businesses, and do their work with honesty, integrity and respect for customers.  That’s what makes good customer service. Thanks for watching out for your customers.  It may not seem so at times, but if you watch out for us, we’ll keep coming back. God bless.

John Dehnart
CrossTimber (yep, a small business.)
—– End Email —–

CrossTimber has served its community and out-of-state customers with business printing since 1994, and is now offering website design services. John and his wife, Katie operate their printing company from their home in Ohio, and use SuppliesGuys toner to make personalized bookmarks, name plaques and name meaning coffee mugs!  SuppliesGuys toners paint the vibrant color designs that are unique to CrossTimber’s name meaning gifts.  Order a bookmark at and you’ll see why CrossTimber chooses SuppliesGuys compatible toners for crisp vibrant personalized gifts.

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