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Has Your Small Business Considered A Kiosk?

Anyone who has ever spent time in an airport knows that kiosks are the wave of the future. After all, the kiosk has proven effective in not only saving airlines money but also moving along lines faster than ever before. Taking this into consideration, it becomes more and more apparent that small businesses of just about any kind can make use of kiosks for a multitude of functions. Perhaps the most beneficial types of kiosks are the reception kiosks and marketing survey kiosks. By implementing these wonders of modern technology into your small business, you can ensure that you will not only save money but will also attract positive attention from clients.

Reception kiosks act as a liaison between clients and those within the company, and can be extremely effective for multiple reasons. For one, a reception kiosk will greatly reduce costs, as you will not have to pay salary to a receptionist. Also, these types of kiosks allow you to greatly enhance your brand identity, as software and looks are fully customizable.

“Marketing survey kiosks are put in place in order to gain specific details about clients, and can be used to great effect for improving client experience and satisfaction. Conventional survey methods can be very expensive and are often looked upon as annoying by clients and customers. With kiosks, however, the experience can be enjoyable, easy to perform and fast. Customers who make use of survey kiosks often feel empowered by the fact that the company values their input, which can in turn create a greater sense of trust between business and client. By implementing a marketing survey kiosk, you will be able to improve your marketing efforts by capitalizing on your target market. One of the reasons why I enjoy working for Phoenix Kiosk, is that we get to help small businesses from the ground-floor up. We get to listen to their vision & ideas and put them into a reality for them.  Not only do we help clients maintain customer loyalty with their kiosk solution, but we also help them cut their bottom line.  Take our reception Kiosk for example, we have created a solution that works like a receptionist but without the overhead costs.  This solution would be perfect for a small company looking to cut costs, while still maintaining their identity.” – Rich Bernstein, Marketing Director of Phoenix Kiosk.

Analysts believe kiosks will inevitably be extremely popular, and there has never been a better time than now to incorporate them into your business, which will save you money, time and energy. Kiosks are a crucial step towards improving user experience and can aid in the potential growth of your business.

“There are several areas in which a small biz can utilize a kiosk to save money and improve customer service.  Any low value-add, repetitive task is probably a candidate for kiosk implementation.  Building guest-greeting, check-in, conference room scheduling, HR administration (looking up PTO or 401K balances, job applications) or I/O functions like shop floor management and employee clock in are great money-saving candidates for a kiosk.  Customer-facing functions can also be handled by kiosks.  Where products are complex or have a variety of configuration options, using a kiosk to allow customers to self-educate can frequently lead to them being more accurately informed about the utility of products and reduce the amount of training time required by employees.  Kiosks are also great order takers and places to house virtual inventory, so using a kiosk you can easily increase your product offering without increasing your on-hand inventory.” – Alan Work, Operations Manager of Phoenix Kiosk.

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