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How to Balance Work and Holiday Stress

If you are anything like most people the upcoming holiday season can be stressful when you have to juggle it and your daily work. From juggling vacation days with deadlines to gift shopping on your lunch hour, you need a balance! The holidays can be an enjoyable time of year, along with your work if you determine ways to balance the two realistically. Here are tips to help you still meet your work deadlines, and enjoy your personal holiday needs at the same time.

  • Assess your goals: The first step is to determine what work related tasks are priorities and which holiday related events you need to accomplish within a set time period. Take a calendar and chart out your important deadlines at work, what your vacation days are and when the kids get of school for winter break. Do the same task with your holiday tasks. Which activities can be accomplished on your weekends or free time, and which ones need to occur during the work week? Once you see it in black and white, you will be able to assess how realistic your goals are.
  • Communicate your ideas: One of the biggest culprits of stress at the holidays is the miscommunication or lack of communication between coworkers/supervisors and family members/spouses.  This means the calendar tasks that you just made of your goals; convey them to your boss and your coworkers. Is it possible deadlines can be rearranged or staff assignments can be reallocated to help everyone at the end? Similarly with family, set clear expectations now and explain how your goals can work with everyone’s assistance.
  • Overlap your priorities: Instead of only assessing what your priority tasks are, determine which ones can overlap. Instead of eating out at lunch, how about holiday gift shop to check items off your ‘To do” list. Instead of missing you kid’s holiday recital at school because you have to work late, can you work over a weekend, or ask a coworker to cover for you and vice versa? Overlapping priorities between work and personal holiday goals will also help you keep from being disappointed over details that may have a solution. You never know, that one day you go holiday gift shopping at lunch may be the day that your son’s favorite toy truck just went on sale at the toy store!

The holidays are always a test of give and take for many. Although, the give and take doesn’t have to be negative, in fact it may help you get more done. At work, almost everyone has similar priorities for the holidays. How about talk out your goals with your staff and see if you can have a meeting of the minds. The holidays are a great time to give to others, and give back to yourself in being less stressed out.

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