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How You Can Maintain a Green Office

It has been proven that employees enjoy working at an office that employs a green lifestyle rather than not. Employers can do their part in making a workplace that is eco-friendly and practices sustainability. From reusing, and recycling to education, employers and office managers can create an office that shows an appreciation of their employees and the Earth.  Here are helpful tips for employers creating a green office environment.

  • Make recycling accessible: People are more apt to recycle when it is easy and accessible, right? Therefore locating recyclable containers for glass, aluminum and paper on and off site is preferable. Break rooms, cafeterias and other office congregation areas are ideal onsite (inside the building). Offsite areas should use recycling containers approved by the city or recycling waste management company that you employ. Making the containers accessible will make employees think twice before throwing away their items in a trash can.
  • Use eco-friendly office supplies: Office managers that are responsible for choosing office supplies can specify eco-friendly break room, bathroom and paper products.  In break rooms, Styrofoam should be replaced with eco-friendly paper cups and plates. Plastic hot drink stirrers can be replaced with wood ones. In bathrooms, toilet paper can be replaced with recycled paper toilet paper. To relieve paper towel waste, consider using heated hand dryers instead. Similarly with copy machine paper and stationery, paper that is compromised of mostly recycled content is ideal. Employers can also buy their employees logo embroidered water bottles to reduce the use of plastic cups (plus its a great branding opportunity!)
  • Re-using can save the Earth: Office managers should employ a sustainability program at their office that addresses the mission for moving forward to address sustainability. One mission item can be for re-using. Re-using can save money, resources and time. Recommending employees bring washable mugs and silverware for their eating purposes is a good way to start. Using the backside of old copy machine papers for scrap paper and memo writing can help save paper.
  • Pass along sustainability practices: When hiring janitorial and superintendent staff, discuss your company’s plan for how you practice sustainability. Ensure they use eco-friendly products when cleaning, as well as conserving resources such as electricity and water. Ask the maintenance staff and office employees to turn off lights and computers at the end of the day. These small practices will add up to savings in money and resources for your company.

Your office environment can be improved with small steps in the direction of saving the Earth’s resources. By instating a clear sustainability plan and educating your employees on the benefits for them and the Earth. Some company’s treat their employees to an office party at the end of the year for their saving money/ resources good work throughout the year!

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