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How to Stay Comfortable at Your Desk

When you sit at your desk for prolonged hours during the day it is common to feel discomfort.  While there are many solutions to help ease the discomfort, the easiest solutions may be adjusting your immediate workspace. For you to perform your work at your optimal level here are tips for staying comfortable at your desk.

  • Analyze your discomfort: Your body will be the number one representative of where the problem lies.  If your back hurts, look at the height of your chair, and the position.  Determine if your chair can be adjusted for your height, arm length, etc… If your wrists hurt look at your arm position when you type. Consider opting for arm/wrist supports to place at your mouse or adjacent to your keyboard. Many companies have a safety employee or resources to help you assess your current workstation and have ergonomic solutions to help. For ergonomic supplies try Kelly Computer Supplies which carry many options to suit your needs.
  • Adjust your lighting:  Eye fatigue is a common work related discomfort caused by inadequate, harsh lighting, or glare. Determine which kind of lighting is necessary for your space. Overhead or ambient lighting is needed for general office work. Task lighting, such as a desk lamp will help with close-up tasks and can vary in brightness for your specific needs. If you’re experiencing glare onto your computer screen assess where the nuisance glare is coming from. Consider installing an anti-glare screen over your monitor, or tilting your screen away from the glare source.
  • Take frequent breaks: To prevent fatigue take frequent breaks and leave your desk and/or get fresh air. We often think if we stay at our desk longer we will get more accomplished.  The contrary is true.  You actually become fatigued quicker and start to be less productive. If you’re fortunate to have a desk near a window, let fresh air in periodically.  If you’re slammed on a deadline, walk around your immediate area for a change of scenery!
  • Use modern devices: For those that have the ability to upgrade their work areas, consider buying an ergonomic telephone, and computer stands to replace the old ones. Workspaces that still have 15 year old chairs, and desks are unlikely to have amenities that are healthy for good office posture and comfort. Generally, newer workspace devices will have better ergonomic form and in turn will have you feel more comfortable.

Staying comfortable at your work desk can be achieved with adjustments to your workspace. Once you find the culprit of your discomfort, these problem solving tips can help you enjoy work again.

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