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Lebron James Popularity By State

With offices in both Columbus and New Jersey there was certainly a great deal of interest at The Supplies Guys last week in terms of where the twenty five year old basketball phenom, Lebron James would be calling home next season. After the devastating news broke that Cleveland’s “chosen one” would in fact be taking his talents to South Beach, I only began to wonder which of his top two destinationsĀ  (Ohio and Florida) were most interested in the events leading up to “the decision.”

Like any curious internet marketer, I decided to do jump into Google Trends and investigate. I wanted to compare “Lebron James” search related traffic over the past thirty days for the regions of Ohio and Florida. Below I have embedded graphs taken from Google Trends. The blue line represents the search volume. You will see that in Ohio, search volume began to pick up steam as far back as June 29th, 2010 and un-surprisingly climaxed on July 9th (the date of James’ televised decision). This graph tells us that on July 9th, search volume for Lebron James was over 7.5x greater than average. Now let’s compare these findings to those that originated in Florida.

First thing to point out is that the pattern of these graphs are nearly identical. However, when looking at the y-axis of the graph below notice that the search volume index is greater in Florida than Ohio. Looking at July 9th we can see that “Lebron James” related searches increased by 10x the average volume. So just what conclusions can we draw from this data?

First and foremost, during the week of James’ big decision, Floridian’s showed a greater average interest in Lebron James than searchers located in Ohio. Second, prior to this story breaking Lebron James really was not a topic of conversation to Floridian’s (which is shown in the low search volume for “Lebron James” prior to June 15th when compared to Ohio). What cannot be inferred from these graphs is the actual amount of search volume coming from each state. Now I could look into the number of Tweets by location, blog entries by location or some other social metric but quite frankly this topic is still too fresh to discuss. So feel free to conduct your own research and drop your findings in our comments or forward me the link to your blog that unveils the results!

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