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New Google Search Preview – October 2010

We noticed this afternoon (see screen shot below) that when you hover over an organic search result (the listings in the middle of a Google search results page that achieve these rankings “organically”) the entire listing becomes highlighted. Google also has included a magnifying glass to the right of the listing’s title. Clicking the magnifying glass allows a searcher to see a miniature version of the page without having to visit it (think Bing). Searchers only need to to click the magnifying glass once in order to see previews on every listing. In the future I’m sure Google will either allow searchers to make this an optional setting or the default. Only time will tell.

New Google Preview - October 2010

Over the past few months Google has been making significant improvements to their search platform’s user interface. By now I’m sure everyone has noticed Google Instant which automatically displays search results as a user enters in their search query. The other day Google also began to display an arrow next to paid and organic search listings. So now on search results pages, users can navigate the search results by using their keyboard’s navigational buttons to move up and down and when the time comes to visit the actual page, a user can simply press the Enter key on their keyboard and now Google Preview!

What does this mean for your business?

These UI updates surely won’t impact how your website is indexed or ranked on Google, however don’t ignore these updates completely. Searchers can now peak into your website before they visit.  So there is the potential that your website could see a decrease in click-through rates for certain keywords if the searcher does not like what they see in the preview.  Google is placing an emphasis on improving how users interact with their organic listings, so it is important that you should too!

Close up of Google Search Preview

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