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Does Your Small Business Need Document Management Software?

If you run a large or medium sized business, then odds are you use reliable software to help you manage your company documents. But what about a small business? Is there a need for document management software?  If you own or manage a small business and are trying to decide if you do, indeed, need software to help you manage your documents, there are a few things about your company’s structure and document use that can make your decision easier.

Document management software is design to make creating, using and sharing your company’s documents easier. Most software programs are easy to use and fairly intuitive, taking most of the guess work and deep programming needs out of managing your documents.  But just because it adds ease to creating, managing and sharing documents doesn’t mean that this type of software is a good fit for you.

Number of employees accessing documents

If your company only has one or two employees who access company documents, then you may not need document software. A small number of people creating, using and sharing documents is easy to manage. Odds are they are within the same department and can easily communicate with one another when it comes to any documents that they may be creating or altering.

Even if your company is small, there may be a lot of people accessing company documents. If this is the case, then using document management software can go a long way to ensuring that documents don’t get lost or document templates aren’t accidently changed. Document sharing is also easier to keep track of with document software in place.

Number of documents being used

Another thing to consider is the number of different documents that your company uses. If your documents department is constantly creating new documents, or changing the template on current documents, then you could benefit from using document management software. A key element of the software is the ease with which you can create and change templates.  Whether it’s the wording, dates or company logo, you can update your documents effortlessly and also make sure that all employees are using the most up to date version. Without document software this can be frustrating and not 100% successful. Depending on what is being changed, it can actually cost your company money or clients if the wrong version of a document is being sent out.

Number of documents per document package

If your company sends out document packages, then software that helps you manage those packages can be invaluable. If you regularly send out packages of documents to employees, clients, other businesses or potential customers, then you want those packages to be as professional as possible. If you are amassing your package from individual documents from different company departments, then there could be variations in font, spacing, tabs and margins. With document management software you can present a uniformed appearance to your document package without having to go in and manually change everything.  This can save you valuable time when preparing company documentation. It can also ensure that everything is, indeed, uniform and small differences aren’t overlooked. Regardless of the document type you can have the packages looking highly professional and pleasing to the eye.

Not all companies need document management software. If your company is small, the purchase of such software may not be worth it. But if you are a small business yet you have a large number of employees accessing your documents or if there are a large number of documents in use, then document software can be an invaluable asset to your small company.

Kevin Harris is a freelance writer for Adobe.  Adobe software, such as document management software, and services revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information; anytime, anywhere, and through any medium.  They also offer many other services like elearning.

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