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The Secret Behind Facebook – How Does it Effect Your Small Business Fan Page?

If your company has a Facebook page, you may be familiar as to what kind of work it takes to maintain the page on a daily basis. Some tasks include continuous monitoring of comments left by fans, responding accordingly, posting relevant status updates to engage fans, posting photos and videos, linking to blog and/or Twitter, acquiring more fans, holding contests, downloading relevant apps, and I’m sure the list could go on even longer. The point is, having a Facebook page for your small business has become a near necessity for those involved in social media. But what is Facebook doing to help you reach fans?

According to an article on TechCrunch, it appears they’re not helping out too much. The article, titled “EdgeRank: The Secret Sauce That Makes Facebook’s News Feed Tick,” gives an inside look at Facebook’s algorithm, known as EdgeRank. EdgeRank controls which posts users of Facebook see in their News Feeds, as not every post from every friend shows up in your feed, which can be a good thing (hello, information overload!). Depending on various factors, EdgeRank has a secret equation that determines who sees what. Parts of the algorithm are shared in the chart here:

via TechCrunch

As seen in the chart, EdgeRank takes note of interactions between the user and their friend making the post (edge), the level of the post (comment, like, status updates, etc. each have a different rank) and the time factor depending on when the post was created. Basically, if a person is your friend, but you’ve never exchanged an “edge” with them, or clicked through to their profile, it’s likely that you won’t see many, if any, of their status updates, posts, etc.

So, how does this all tie in to Facebook Fan Pages?

TechCrunch says “if you want your posts to show up in News Feed, make sure people will actually want to interact with them.” And just because a person has “liked” your page, that doesn’t mean your update is a shoe-in for their News Feed. Thus, administrators must become even more creative and discover tactics that will land them in front of their fans. (But isn’t that what friending, fanning and liking is for in the first place?!)

To me, it seems as if we’re being fooled by Facebook, but without knowing what our fans see, we’ll never know who passes the EdgeRank test. Take a moment to think about your Facebook account. Is it mainly the same profiles adorning your news feed? Are the same handful of fans consistently commenting on your fan page?

There’s much that could be said about Facebook’s algorithm and the ethics behind it all, but first we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. ┬áIf this is how it truly works, what are some tactics fan page admins can put in to place to enhance interaction?

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