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Save $$ Using Compatible Ink and Toner

Business is all about increasing your bottom line. One simple, but often overlooked, way to do this is to use ink and toner that is compatible with your printer. Toner is required for printing with laser printers and copiers, while ink is used for traditional printers and copiers. While toner is usually more expensive than ink, replacing either toner or ink with compatible toner and ink from vendors other than the printer’s manufacturer can help your business save a substantial amount of money.

Printers often come equipped with starter ink and toner made by the manufacturer; however, when it is time to replace the ink and toner, you may want to opt for compatible ink or compatible toner that may not be made by the manufacturer of the printer, but can still deliver the same high-quality results. Ink and toner cartridges are not cheap, and typically account for a significant percentage of the overall cost of a printer. In fact, some toner cartridges are so expensive that it is actually cheaper to purchase a new printer when the starter toner runs out than to purchase replacement toner. Rather than purchasing a new printer, there is a more feasible alternative. Making a simple change to compatible ink or toner can save money in the short run and over the life of the printer. But how do you know what ink or toner is compatible with your printer?

Compatible ink and toner is just like name-brand ink and toner. They are manufactured according to the OEM cartridge specifications, which will enable you to easily find which ink or toner is right for your printer. The main reason why the compatible ink and toner can be purchased at a reduced cost is simply because they do not have the brand name that is attached to the much more expensive toner and ink—that’s it. Many compatible ink and toner refills are also manufactured in certified facilities to ensure the consumer receives products of the highest quality. Contrary to popular belief, using compatible ink and toner for your printer will also not void any warranty that comes with your printer. Start saving money today. Opt for compatible ink and toner!

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How to Keep Focused During your Work Day

It’s one of the most common dilemmas when at work, staying focused and on task to complete the job you set out to do. Staying focused can also have a lot to do with your immediate environment, not being challenged at your job, or simply not getting enough sleep. With a small shift in your thinking, staying focused may be easier than you once thought. Follow these helpful tips to make your day more productive, and to keep you on track and focused throughout your workday.

  • Make a goal list before the day starts: Throughout your day make a running list of goals and tasks that you haven’t gotten to. This will help you form a list for the next day. Goal lists are helpful for keeping focused during the day, when you are bombarded with coworkers asking you questions, and bosses keeping you from tasks that you started off to do.  For those that have too long of lists, prioritize what parts of your goals are realistic, and which that are not.
  • Make your immediate environment conducive for work: While many think that a cluttered desk is a sign of being busy, it can also be a sign of disorganization and lack of productivity.  Consider creating an environment in your office, desk or work area to be able to find what you need quickly, as opposed to being taken off your tasks every time you search for a pad of paper.  Organize your office with colorful file folders, periodical organizers, and pleasurable mementos around your area to keep you feeling great while working. You will be surprised how much easier it is to stay on task when you love your surroundings.
  • Plan your distractions time: If you know your most unproductive times of the day are when you check your email, take walks to the vending machine, or surf the internet, plan these times as goals after you finish your assigned tasks and goals. Planning distraction time into your day will help you stay motivated to complete your dull work, and will make your distractions feel more enjoyable as opposed to full of guilt. If possible, use smart phones, or other electronic devices to check in on email and social media at other times, such as lunch breaks and before/after work to make the most of your work time, and to keep you focused.

Keeping focused during the day will help you complete your workday on time, and help you go home happier. Consider getting more rest the night before and consider laying off of sugary snacks and highly caffeinated drinks. Also consider light music played in your office, or through headphones on your MP3 player to block out distractions in your office. Before you know it, your unproductive days will be a distant memory, and coming to work will be much more enjoyable.

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