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Holding a Twitter Contest for Your Small Business

There are countless numbers of companies that have held giveaways and contests through Twitter. From small businesses tolarge corporations, the ease of the Twitter medium has presented a quick and easy opportunity for contests. Giveaways through Twitter are effective because there’s typically no landing page where the user has to enter their information, with the fear of being stalked and spammed thereafter.

Another reason Twitter contests are beneficial, especially to small businesses, is because there are plenty of ways to go about the contest, depending on your wants and needs. For example, if your goal is to reach X amount of followers by the end of the month, creating buzz around this encourages users to follow you, as long as there’s potentially something for them to get out of it. Domino’s executed this method last year when they offered a chance to win a $100 gift card for those that helped them reach followers by noon on a Friday.

If you aren’t in the market for gaining hundreds of followers, using hashtags are a good way to generate buzz around your business. Hashtags also leave room for creativity, as you can use them in a contest however you please. For example, you can request that entries tweet a specific message containing a hashtag, such as “I love the Supplies Guys! They are the best guys in town #suppliesguys.”

Or, you can ask that tweeters use the hashtag in any way they choose, as long as they use it. Moonfruit, a website development company, used this method in which they gave away a Macbook Pro every day for 7 days. While they did give a pre- tweet to be sent out, they also offered the option of using the #moonfruit hashtag in creative, original tweets. At the end of each day, they selected someone at random that had used the hashtag #moonfruit.

What are some contests you’ve seen on Twitter? Which method would you choose when holding a contest on Twitter?

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