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How to Stay Awake During your Boring Office Day

Sleeping at Work

If you are like most professionals, the ability to stay awake at your desk is often a bigger challenge than the work you are faced with to perform your job. While many people think dozing off at your desk is caused by boredom, it can also be caused by lack of motivation; lack of exercise, and stagnant surroundings can also be culprits of tiredness at your office.  Here are tips to keep yourself from dozing off at work, as well as help you stay more productive in the process.

  • Make your surroundings interactive and engaging: Take a look at your surroundings at your work desk. Do you have pictures of family trips, inspiring photos, and colorful office supplies to keep you upbeat and interactive at your desk? If your desk instead looks like a cluttered space, with mounds of papers and neutral colors, and institutional type office supplies, you are probably bored AND uninspired. Consider organizing your office so that you feel inspired to sit down and work. Consider buying playful and colorful additions with office supplies, wall art, and creative cubicle decoration available at office supply stores.
  • Set goals and milestones throughout the day: Have you ever noticed when you work towards a goal the journey to get there is so much shorter? The same is true for ridding your boredom throughout your workday. Set realistic timelines for yourself for how long it should take you to finish filing, or how long it should take you to get through reading your emails. Afterwards, have a reward set in place, like a 15-minute walk outside to get fresh air, or a healthy snacks break from your company cafeteria. Everyone has different motivators; setting goals will keep your day form being boring and will keep it fast moving.
  • Practice healthy living habits at home and at the office: For many professionals, it isn’t hard to get to the gym, but it is hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night, or to wake up in ample time to get yourself leisurely ready for work. Your activity levels outside of the office should focus on well-rounded diet, exercise, and sleep routines throughout your day. Healthy living habits will keep you more energetic and awake at work, and will make your home life more enjoyable, as you won’t suffer from the “after-work” burn out daily.

Staying awake at the office is about adjusting your lifestyle, your surroundings and your mental stamina. Just like starting a new exercise regimen, training yourself to be productive during the day can be made easier with these helpful tips. If you still feel yourself dozing at work, walk around more often, try and get fresh air hourly, and look at your eating, sleeping and exercising habits to see if they can be modified. Turning into bed an hour earlier at night, may help you feel more refreshed during the workday.

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