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10 Great Ways to Use a Label Printer

Dedicated label printers are excellent tools to have in both homes and offices. Best of all, they use no ink or toner and the only consumable you have is the labels. Label printers provide quick and easy solutions for any situation you can imagine. Whether you want to try out a label printer at home or at work (or both!) here are ten fun ideas on what you can do with one.    

1.  Organize Your Entire Life

Use your labels to simplify life at home by labeling toys, spices, kitchen supplies, school supplies, separate cables for electronics, know which circuit breaker is which in the electrical panel, label leftovers with the date on which they were made …the list can go on forever!

2.  Give Your Office Supply Closet a Makeover

Arrange all boxes, notepads, binders, CDs, etc so they each have their own designated spot. Stick labels underneath each item so that all employees know where items belong and will help keep the closet in order.

3.  Identify What Supplies Are Being Used For What

Continue organization once you take items out of the supply closet. Use labels to prevent confusion by organizing information within binders. Add professionalism to CDs and DVDs by using a label to distinguish what has been uploaded.

4.  Say Goodbye to Sheet Labels…

With a dedicated label printer, you can print out as many address labels as you need, without having to worry about aligning the sheet labels correctly. Print return address labels, too. Most printers are compatible with common applications for both Mac and Windows, such as ACT! and Microsoft Word, making labeling even easier.

5.  …And Adios to Lines at the Post Office

DYMO has created a line of desktop label printers that enable you to print postage right from your computer. (Check them out on the Supplies Guys site.)With their DYMO Stamps software, you can purchase and print out stamps without leaving the house. Your friends at the post office will miss you dearly!

6.  Know Who’s Who

You won’t have to worry about any awkward introductions at meetings or conferences when you use your label printer to print out name badges. If your business has a lot of visitors, time sensitive labels include a photo of the person and fade after about 24 hours.

7.  Revamp Your Filing Cabinet

Go through all of your files, both home and office, and clean out the folders. Use your label printer to give them a clean, organized look. If you’re really daring, arrange them alphabetically or chronologically. Also, make a master list in the order you put them together so you can easily refer to the list when looking for a file.

8.  Make Your Own Magnetic Calendar

Place labels over magnetic strips to make yourself a personalized calendar. Perfect for both the home and office, to create your calendar you can use a white board or chalkboard to specialize it month-by-month, or week-by-week.

9.  Manage Your Business’s Inventory

Seiko’s label printers are designed to print out accurate, detailed labels within seconds. Keep products organized and save money by printing bar codes on your own.

10.  Create Unique Signs & Stickers

With continuous feed labels, most printers will let you print labels up to 36-inches long. Design custom-made scrapbooking decals or print out “Caution” signs for work zones. You can even create your own quirky bumper stickers!

What other ideas can you suggest for using a label printer? Share in the comments!

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