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Ten Reasons Why you Should Upgrade to the iPhone 4s

So many iPhone 4 users are wondering, is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 4s?

Ten Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 4s:

1. More powerful of a Phone

The iPhone 4s comes with a dual-core processor enabling the iPhone 4s to take on more challenging tasks with ease. Allows for the ability for higher quality videos and pictures, and even more multitasking.

2. Siri

Ever want your own robot? Well this phone practically comes with a pocket size robot. No, this can’t actually fold your laundry or cook you dinner, but it can easily help you find quick answers to any question you may have. (Check out the videos posted at the bottom of the page for some funny and useful videos of Siri.)

3. iCloud

While being connected to your home WiFi it will automatically upload your pictures, videos, songs and other multimedia files to your computer without needing to even be connected. Taking wireless to the next stage.

4. Worldwide compatibility

Being compatible with both the GSM and CDMA networks, this iPhone is the first of its kind to be worldwide compatible. Not only does this make it easier on its users, but it really makes it easier for the network providers in the USA considering CDMA is Verizon’s network and GSM is At&t’s network.

5. Battery Life

With a more powerful processor some may think that the battery life would be worse than its predecessors’. But it is the complete opposite, with a faster processor the phone does not need to work as hard for more of the simpler tasks which requires less power to operate the phone and therefore increases the battery life of such a compact device.

6. Better LCD Display

With the iPhone 4 being arguably the best visual display in the mobile phone business, many people will not believe that the iPhone 4s has upgraded its display even more. While decreasing the size of the pixels, it increases the number of pixels that the screen can fit inside of itself, which allows for a more vivid picture.

7. Bluetooth 4.0

As Bluetooth technology advances day in and day out, the adoption of Bluetooth 4.0 enables the iPhone 4s to be leading edge in technology for quite a while.

8. Camera Upgrade

The now eight megapixel camera provides better quality and even better light exposure technologies. This enables for better pictures and videos. The editing software that comes with the camera is also more advanced and allows for more editing features on the fly.

9. Better phone quality

From many users’ reviews, the phone has performed better in all aspects of being a phone. The reception has been better, where I know the iPhone 4 had issues with losing reception for no apparent reason, sometimes for just holding the phone in the wrong location. Other sound quality related issues have been alleviated as well. It may not be perfect, but an improvement is always nice.

10. Newest Apple Product out there

It always seems like no matter what it is, whenever Apple comes out with a new product, everyone must have it. Nothing is different with this product, whoever doesn’t have it, wants it (whether they’d like to admit it or not).  And for those who do have it, they feel more superior to us less fortunate ones who did not time their cell phone plan renewal more in line with Apple’s cell phone releases. (Unfortunately I think we’ll always be behind in technology) I knew I should’ve bought my first cell phone in October instead of March… I would have such better reasons to purchase the iPhone then.

The iPhone 4s is a great phone, it literally brings multitasking to a new level. With the limitless # of applications at your fingertips it would be tough not to be able to find anything you’d want. With the introduction of Siri, it allows you to potentially have the ability to do anything without even needing to type anything. Next time you’re searching for an office supply retailer, or a place to purchase compatible toners, just Siri it.

Check out Siri First hand

Or check out a user kind of pushing Siri to its limits,

And a More fun version of Siri

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Print From Your iPhone – The Top “Printer” iPhone Apps Reviewed

Printing on the run now has a new meaning. New iPhone apps now allow you to print just about anything directly from your smartphone! The top apps are reviewed, in no specific order…

Print App

Print App

1. “Print” by EuroSmartz – Price: $4.99

Tired of transferring your iPhone pictures to your PC for printnig purposes? “Print” for iPhone lets you print information from your iPhone/iPod touch to a printer connected to your computer, via network or local.

When you install “Print” on your iPhone and download the free WePrint software for your desktop/laptop computer, you can then print directly from your iPhone. You could even print remotely to your home or office printer. Imagine taking a photo while on vacation and then printing it on your home printer.

“Print” for the iPhone prints web pages, contacts and images. “Print & Share” also prints emails, stored files and also shares files with your desktop computer.

This app requires both an app installed on your phone and on your pc.

2. “Print Magic” by Wellala – Price: $5.99

Print Magic is the first application for the Apple iPhone & iTouch products, which allows for wireless printing through IPP.

With Print Magic, you can now print images, text, and even web pages directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Print Magic can print almost anything, from any application, with no additional software to install.  If you can select it and copy it using the Cut and Paste feature of iPhone OS 3, Print Magic can print it — including from applications like Mail, Safari, and of course Photos.

This app only requires an app installed on your phone. It connects directly with your printer.

3. “PrinterShare” by Dynamix – Price: FREE

With PrinterShare you can print directly from your phone to anywhere in the world including your own printer. First, you need to install PrinterShare Mobile on your mobile phone and either login with your existing account or create new one of the fly (it’s free).

Then you need to find and select the printer you want to print to. The computer connected to the printer needs to have PrinterShare software installed, just like when you print from computer to computer using PrinterShare. In addition, from your mobile device you may look for printers shared by others, select one and print on it.

This app requires both an app installed on your phone and on your pc.

4. “ePrint” by Microtech – Price: $2.99

If you have ePrint and required printers, you don’t need your PC anymore to print. ePrint has print settings such as paper size or color. Print photos or contacts in your iPhone or iPod touch. You can also check printed image beforehand with print preview.

This app only requires an app installed on your phone. It connects directly with your printer.

5. “Printer Whisperer” by Lunaticity - Price: FREE

The “Printer Whisperer” iPhone app is great. Aside from being a completely free app, it can cause hours of problems for your office IT manager!! Don’t worry, it doesn’t cause any real harm to you printer. Here is what the app can do… If you have a networked printer (unfortunately it can only be a HP Laserjet networked printer) and it has an LCD display, this app is a must download. You simply type in the IP address for the pritner into the app and you can change the display message on the LCD screen. Favorite messages include “Printer Will Self Destruct”, “Pen is Stuck”, “Don’t Panic”, and many others. Have tons of fun while your IT guy scratches his head. The message resets when the printer is turned off.

This app only requires an app installed on your phone. It connects directly with your printer.

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New Smartphone / iPhone Apps for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, I wanted to take some time and review the top 5 “Holiday Apps” this year. These apps are all for the iPhone, but I am sure with a little searching you can find similar apps for your smartphone.

This list is in no order of importance:

1. A Story a Day Advent Calendar
This app is great for those who love the traditional advent calendars around this time of year. With this app, each day brings a new holiday story by authors like Charles Dickens. Just like your traditional advent calendar, you must open each day (with a click) to view the fun inside. In addition to the calendar function, there is also great Christmas music playing while the app is running. The app knows the current date so all future days are blocked to prevent peeking.
This app carries a price tag of $1.99.

2. Festive Holiday Baking

Festive Holiday Baking App

Festive Holiday Baking App

Need a quick recipe for your holiday party? This is the app for you. With a few dozen recipes that can all be made with 8 ingredients or less, this app can help take the hassle out of your holiday baking. Some recipes include “Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies” and “Pistachio and Cherry Mexican Wedding Cakes”. All recipes also include pictures and step by step instructions.
You can download this app for $.99

3. Mobile Menorah
This simple little app is perfect for someone celebrating Hanukkah “On The Go”. The app has candles for each of Hanukkah’s nights, and you can light each candle. The app knows what day it is and will add a candle to the Menorah when necessary. After you light a candle, it will be lit when you come back the next day.
Get it now for only $.99

4. Holiday Bells

Holiday Bells

Holiday Bells

Love the idea of holiday caroling but can’t carry a tune? The HolidayBells app may help. This musical app lets you play sleigh bells by shaking your smartphone and create melodies by tapping hand bells that are pre-tuned to specific notes. Holiday Bells uses real recorded bell sounds, not synthesized, so the bells sound realistic.

Pick this app up for $.99

5. Christmas With Weezer
This app comes loaded with 9 of your favorite Christmas songs performed by the band Weezer. Unfortunately, to hear them it is not as easy as clicking an MP3. This is a game app that is set up similar to Guitar Hero. The music is playing while you tap to the beat of bright-colored presents that are flying out of a cartoon moon and across a snow-covered town. Players help recreate the alternative band’s versions of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, “First Noel”, “Hark The Herald Angel Sings”, “O Holy Night”, “Silent Night”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and Additional Weezer Tracks like: “Pork And Beans”, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”. The app comes from the makers of the popular “Tap Tap Revenge” games.
Price is a little steep at $4.99

And finally, a completely unrelated app that I stumbled across recently… For you textaholics out there. Have you ever been texting or emailing while walking down the street and had an unfortunate encounter with another person, a tree, a wall, a step, etc, etc… This app is simple, but great. It puts to use the video camera feature of your iPhone and displays a small video window in your texting screen. So as long as you have your phone pointed in the right direction, you can always see what is coming!! Get it now – It is FREE for a limited time from the iTunes store – click here

Email N Walk

Email N Walk

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The Webby Awards – Top 10 Internet Moments of the Past Decade

This years Webby Awards are in!! The Webby Awards are the leading international awards honoring excellence on the Internet. This year they have compiled the top 10 most influential Internet moments of the past decade. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree, or if you think they missed any. Webby did not rank these top 10 so I have taken it upon myself to rank them in order of importance, #1 being the most important / influential.

#10: 2009 – Iranian election protests

When Iran’s 2009 presidential election produced suspicious results, the opposition took to the tweets — and the “Twitter Revolution” was born. Twitter became such a key tool in spreading news of the protests that followed that the U.S. State Department asked the company to delay a planned shutdown for maintenance. The protests also put a spotlight on Twitter’s key asset as a protest tool. Since most users don’t access it through a central website, it is almost impossible to censor. Twitter let protesters distribute images from the chaotic country at a time when mainstream media outlets had been restricted.

#9: 2001 – Napster Shut Down

Although Napster, one of the first controversial file-sharing sites, shut down it’s “free” service in 2001, it opened the file-sharing doors. Its collapse sparked a wave of innovations that forever changed how we obtain, listen and watch music and video. YouTube, Hulu, iTunes and other legal sites followed, as did downloading songs from less creditable sites. Some artists started releasing their music exclusively online. Napster, now under new ownership, still offers over 8 million songs but you must pay a monthly fee to have access. A portion of those fees are then distributed back to the artists similar to how iTunes works.

#8: 2008 – U.S. Presidential Campaign

The Internet changed the presidential race in 2008 similar to how tv had 40 years earlier during the Kennedy/Nixon election. “Obama Girl” and  Reverend Wright online videos helped in shaping the debate. Social media outlets mobilized voters and there was also record breaking online fundraising. Presidential campaign management was permanently transformed.

#7: 2000 – Craigslist expands outside San Francisco

In 2000,, the free classifieds website, expanded its service outside of San Francisco into nine additional U.S. cities, causing a major shift from traditional newspaper classifieds to online classified ads.  Craigslist now serves free listings in more than 500 cities in 50 countries. In addition to traditional buy/sell classified ads, you can also find someone to paint your house, find a new job, or find a date – in addition to a ton of other listings.

#6: 2007 – The iPhone debuts

The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. By the end of the first weekend, 500,000 had been sold. The iPhone from Apple has made “smartphones” a part of every day life. There are now “apps” for just about everything you can think of. Over the next 10 years, it’s estimated that a billion users will come to the Internet for the first time through mobile devices. The iPhone may not have been the first smartphone, but it is by far the most influential.

#5: 2004 – Google IPO

Google’s IPO, one of the largest in history, put the six year old search engine on the path to becoming the most dominant and influential company of the decade. From gmail and YouTube to Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Android, the Internet giant and constant innovator is the engine that powers the world. And they have a really cool headquarters too - click here to take a look inside.

#4: 2006 – Online video revolution

In 2006, a perfect storm of faster bandwidth, cheaper camcorders, and the groundbreaking use of Adobe’s Flash 9 video player by YouTube combined to launch the online video revolution. The trifecta led to a boom in homemade and professional content that has reshaped everything from pop culture to politics.

#3: 2006 – Facebook opens to non-college students and Twitter takes off

In September 2006, a social networking site for college students changed its user qualifications to include anyone 13 and older with a valid e-mail address. Facebook struck an immediate chord — and almost overnight, social media went mainstream. Less than a month later, the creators of Twitter acquired the company and its assets from its investors, paving the way for the service to take off in 2007. Both companies took social media mainstream, radically changing the way we connect, collaborate, and communicate with everyone from friends to colleagues to customers. And poor MySpace, they are now a distant memory in the social media landscape.

#2: 2001 – Wikipedia launches

Containing 20,000 articles in 18 languages by the end of its first year online, Wikipedia today boasts more than 14 million articles in 271 different languages. The free open-source encyclopedia epitomizes the Internet’s power to bring strangers from around the world together to collaborate on projects both big and small. The overall validitity of the posts will always be suspect, but that can be expected with anything posted online – except for this blog of course :)

#1: 2000 – Google AdWords launches

With the launch of AdWords in October 2000, Google turned advertising on its head. The self-service ad program opened up the marketplace to any business, no matter how big or small, and allowed advertisers to target their customers with laser-sharp precision. Overture was the first major paid search engine to open the internet advertising doors (in 1998) and many believe Google built Adwords off of the Overture module. Overture is now owned by Yahoo. Google Adwords generated $21 billion in 2008, $16 billion in 2007, and $10 billion in 2006. Without Google Adwords, the Google IPO listed above would most likely never have happened.


The top 10 listed above have definitely had an impact on most of our everyday lives. If you feel Webby has missed anything “online” that has impacted your life in a major way, feel free to post a comment and add it to the list.

Resource for this post: The Webby Awards

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