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Ten Reasons Why you Should Upgrade to the iPhone 4s

So many iPhone 4 users are wondering, is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 4s?

Ten Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 4s:

1. More powerful of a Phone

The iPhone 4s comes with a dual-core processor enabling the iPhone 4s to take on more challenging tasks with ease. Allows for the ability for higher quality videos and pictures, and even more multitasking.

2. Siri

Ever want your own robot? Well this phone practically comes with a pocket size robot. No, this can’t actually fold your laundry or cook you dinner, but it can easily help you find quick answers to any question you may have. (Check out the videos posted at the bottom of the page for some funny and useful videos of Siri.)

3. iCloud

While being connected to your home WiFi it will automatically upload your pictures, videos, songs and other multimedia files to your computer without needing to even be connected. Taking wireless to the next stage.

4. Worldwide compatibility

Being compatible with both the GSM and CDMA networks, this iPhone is the first of its kind to be worldwide compatible. Not only does this make it easier on its users, but it really makes it easier for the network providers in the USA considering CDMA is Verizon’s network and GSM is At&t’s network.

5. Battery Life

With a more powerful processor some may think that the battery life would be worse than its predecessors’. But it is the complete opposite, with a faster processor the phone does not need to work as hard for more of the simpler tasks which requires less power to operate the phone and therefore increases the battery life of such a compact device.

6. Better LCD Display

With the iPhone 4 being arguably the best visual display in the mobile phone business, many people will not believe that the iPhone 4s has upgraded its display even more. While decreasing the size of the pixels, it increases the number of pixels that the screen can fit inside of itself, which allows for a more vivid picture.

7. Bluetooth 4.0

As Bluetooth technology advances day in and day out, the adoption of Bluetooth 4.0 enables the iPhone 4s to be leading edge in technology for quite a while.

8. Camera Upgrade

The now eight megapixel camera provides better quality and even better light exposure technologies. This enables for better pictures and videos. The editing software that comes with the camera is also more advanced and allows for more editing features on the fly.

9. Better phone quality

From many users’ reviews, the phone has performed better in all aspects of being a phone. The reception has been better, where I know the iPhone 4 had issues with losing reception for no apparent reason, sometimes for just holding the phone in the wrong location. Other sound quality related issues have been alleviated as well. It may not be perfect, but an improvement is always nice.

10. Newest Apple Product out there

It always seems like no matter what it is, whenever Apple comes out with a new product, everyone must have it. Nothing is different with this product, whoever doesn’t have it, wants it (whether they’d like to admit it or not).  And for those who do have it, they feel more superior to us less fortunate ones who did not time their cell phone plan renewal more in line with Apple’s cell phone releases. (Unfortunately I think we’ll always be behind in technology) I knew I should’ve bought my first cell phone in October instead of March… I would have such better reasons to purchase the iPhone then.

The iPhone 4s is a great phone, it literally brings multitasking to a new level. With the limitless # of applications at your fingertips it would be tough not to be able to find anything you’d want. With the introduction of Siri, it allows you to potentially have the ability to do anything without even needing to type anything. Next time you’re searching for an office supply retailer, or a place to purchase compatible toners, just Siri it.

Check out Siri First hand

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