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Deal of the Day! New Product Offerings at The Supplies Guys

Deal of the DayIn celebration of the expansion of our product lines; office supplies, breakroom supplies and janitorial supplies, we’re letting you guys, the customers, in on some of the best deals ever! All week we’ll be featuring a “Deal of the Day” in which we’ll be showcasing three incredible DEALS in our new product categories. These deals of the day will be starting tomorrow Monday, August 22, 20111 and will end on Friday, August 26, 2011! So stay posted to make sure you don’t miss out on these HUGE savings!

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The Supplies Guys™ Expands Product Lines to Full Suite of Office Supply Products

Today is a real exciting day at The Supplies Guys, we have expanded our product line from printers, ink and toner to a complete line of office supply products. The new line of office supplies includes a complete selection of general office supplies, breakroom supplies and janitorOffice Supplies at The Supplies Guysial supplies.

We have been providing all of our customers with high-quality printer, ink and toner products along with award-winning customer service and we will now be providing our customers with a selection of over 30,000 products covering the breadth of all their office supply needs.

“Listening and responding to our customers is in our DNA,” said The Supplies Guys COO Chris Irving. “Our customers enjoy the value and friendly service we give them, and they wanted to be able to take care of all their office supply needs from one place. We have heard them and have responded.”

“This is the next logical step for our company,” added CEO Noah Gresham. “We have built an award-winning organization and are happy to now provide more products with that same great customer service.”

We are a group of guys (and gals!) committed to providing high-quality office supply products and the best customer service in the industry. Our office supply product lines include printers, ink and toner from top printer brands; and most recently added is our complete selection of office supplies for businesses of any size; break room supplies including beverages, food, utensils; and janitorial supplies from cleaners, to mops, to trash cans and more.

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Small Business Survival: How to Make it Through a Recession

Being a small business during a recession is tough; ask any small business owner, your business decisions and strategies impact the future of your business immensely during a recession.  Every business tries to deal with the recession in their own way, some may cut back on employees and work more hours themselves, others will shorten their store hours to decrease costs, and even some other businesses cut back on advertising and marketing expenses.  I would like to share with you my tips on how to keep your small business afloat during a recession.

Add value to your customers: As a small business it is nearly impossible to win a price war with big conglomerates, e.g. Walmart, but one thing small businesses can always do that these big guys can’t quite offer is great customer service.  Being able to spend time with your customers, and understand their needs to help them make the right decision is definitely going to keep people shopping at their local store rather than these large conglomerates.  Having a knowledgeable and friendly staff keeps people coming in because they know they can rely on you for the right answers to their questions.

Cut back on overhead and operating costs: There are many expenses businesses incur which can be reduced.  One expense many businesses don’t plan on, are the expenses tied to printers.  Once a business owner buys that printer they never really think about the cost of toner per month, plus maintenance.  So when you purchase new toner for your printer, make sure to purchase the compatible toners, not only will you save up to 70% on some cartridges, you will not have to worry about voiding your printer’s warranty.  Although many people believe that using compatible toner cartridges on their printers voids the warranty, it is not the case according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, so don’t be afraid to save yourself a ton of money by using compatible toner cartridges.

For those businesses that do not use printers as often, you can rely on creating a more effective inventory management system.  Product that sits out on the shelf for a long period of time costs you money.  Although, it does not directly cost you money, but there’s an opportunity cost of that stagnant product.  By opportunity cost I mean the amount of money you are missing out on by not having a product on the shelf that sells a lot quicker.  Say your store sells CDs, DVDs, and VHS, typically your store sells 10 DVDs for every 1 VHS, you would want to make sure that your DVD section is a lot bigger than your VHS section, giving the customers more options to buy DVDs as opposed to VHS.  Not only will you sell more products, you can also purchase DVDs in larger quantities considering you have more space to store them, and therefore lessening your cost of shipping, and potentially creating a discounted price per DVD if buying in a big enough bulk.

Other ways to cut back on overhead and operating costs is to shorten the business hours of your store.  Although it may inconvenience a small portion of your customers, you typically won’t see a huge drop in sales, as long as you put a good amount of thought into your store hours.  Say if your store barely has any sales on Weekday mornings, it would make sense to open the store at noon everyday as opposed to 8 am, not only will you save the 4 hours a day worth of salary you typically pay an employee to open the store, you will also save a ton of money on utilities.  It would be around an extra 80 hours a month of no power being used, and well that can incrementally add up to a large sum of money.

Another operating cost that can easily be cut back on is office supplies.  If you are a small business and have a pretty large need for office supplies, it sometimes makes more sense to go through an online office supply retailer.  These online retailers do not need to pay for a big place of business and typically save money that way, inevitably they will be able to provide your business with cheaper supplies since these discounts then are passed down to their customers to provide their customers the greatest value for their office supplies.

Increase marketing expenses: Many people may disagree with this, but before you decide it’s a terrible idea and skip over this section, give me a few seconds of your time to explain why marketing during a recession is such a great idea.  During a recession, many customers are looking for the lowest cost possible, which as stated before, will typically not be the small business provider.  But say you are a small family owned deli and since your products only have a certain lifespan, and typically Wednesdays are really slow days for you so, to help increase your business you can start a special for half price sandwiches on Wednesdays to help drive traffic to your store.  Although you won’t be making nearly as much money per sandwich, but you will be at least gaining a larger customer base.  With more and more people coming, and as long as you treat your customers with the utmost respect and care, they will be more inclined to go there even though it’s not a Wednesday.  Also, less of your products will go to waste.  Another example similar to the previous one is customer loyalty cards, more and more places are creating these customer loyalty cards, for example one place I go to quite often gives you a free coffee after you buy 5 coffees there.  So once every other week I am able to get a free coffee and now I go there every morning.

Hopefully with these examples I am able to help you think of how you can implement these to your business plans in the future, to help keep your small business flourishing during a recession.  We can all use a little help here and there, so please feel free to comment with any other tips you have to help small businesses stay afloat during a recession.

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How to Stay Awake During your Boring Office Day

Sleeping at Work

If you are like most professionals, the ability to stay awake at your desk is often a bigger challenge than the work you are faced with to perform your job. While many people think dozing off at your desk is caused by boredom, it can also be caused by lack of motivation; lack of exercise, and stagnant surroundings can also be culprits of tiredness at your office.  Here are tips to keep yourself from dozing off at work, as well as help you stay more productive in the process.

  • Make your surroundings interactive and engaging: Take a look at your surroundings at your work desk. Do you have pictures of family trips, inspiring photos, and colorful office supplies to keep you upbeat and interactive at your desk? If your desk instead looks like a cluttered space, with mounds of papers and neutral colors, and institutional type office supplies, you are probably bored AND uninspired. Consider organizing your office so that you feel inspired to sit down and work. Consider buying playful and colorful additions with office supplies, wall art, and creative cubicle decoration available at office supply stores.
  • Set goals and milestones throughout the day: Have you ever noticed when you work towards a goal the journey to get there is so much shorter? The same is true for ridding your boredom throughout your workday. Set realistic timelines for yourself for how long it should take you to finish filing, or how long it should take you to get through reading your emails. Afterwards, have a reward set in place, like a 15-minute walk outside to get fresh air, or a healthy snacks break from your company cafeteria. Everyone has different motivators; setting goals will keep your day form being boring and will keep it fast moving.
  • Practice healthy living habits at home and at the office: For many professionals, it isn’t hard to get to the gym, but it is hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night, or to wake up in ample time to get yourself leisurely ready for work. Your activity levels outside of the office should focus on well-rounded diet, exercise, and sleep routines throughout your day. Healthy living habits will keep you more energetic and awake at work, and will make your home life more enjoyable, as you won’t suffer from the “after-work” burn out daily.

Staying awake at the office is about adjusting your lifestyle, your surroundings and your mental stamina. Just like starting a new exercise regimen, training yourself to be productive during the day can be made easier with these helpful tips. If you still feel yourself dozing at work, walk around more often, try and get fresh air hourly, and look at your eating, sleeping and exercising habits to see if they can be modified. Turning into bed an hour earlier at night, may help you feel more refreshed during the workday.

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