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Portable Conference Room with the Wizard Wall Whiteboard

Supplies Guys New Product – Wizard Wall White Board

Have you ever been in need of a place to write during an important meeting but looked around to find four empty walls, well you won’t anymore with the introduction of our newest product, the Wizard Wall portable whiteboard.  The Wizard Wall is a new static cling whiteboard film that allows you to set up a dry erase board on any indoor surface without the need for tacks, nails or tape.  You can now make any room in your office a conference room in seconds by simply unrolling and applying the Wizard Wall dry erase film.  The Wizard Wall can be re used and is double sided, so you will never run short on whiteboard film and in case you do we also carry refill kits for each different Wizard Wall package.

Another helpful feature of the Wizard Wall portable dry erase whiteboard is the option to write in permanent or dry erase markers.  It is helpful to write in permanent markers so that you can transport or send your ideas written on the Wizard Wall. With the included slide cutting system the Wizard Wall can be cut to any size or shape to make a fully customized dry / erase board to fit all situations.  At The Supplies Guys we offer a variety of different Wizard Wall packages ranging from large totes, complete with markers, erasers and mailing / storage tubes, to standard box sets with the integrated slide cutting system and over 47 feet of portable whiteboard film.  The Wizard Wall will change how you give presentations and interact with your team, by getting rid of the restrictions of the conventional whiteboard and conference room setting.

See all of our Wizard Wall products below:

Wizard Wall dry erase standard box

Wizard Wall dry erase small tote

Wizard Wall dry erase large tote

Wizard Wall replacement cartridge

Wizard Wall replacement roll

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