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Canon Printers Provide High Quality Prints for your Home or Office

For color and black and white images, text and photos, Canon printers and multi-function devices provide high quality prints for your home or office. To help you get the most from your Canon printer or multifunction device, Canon supplies a wide variety of inks and toners that can help you stay within your budget without sacrificing on page yield or quality. Canon printers and multifunction devices support both genuine Canon ink and toner, and quality compatible ink and toner. Quality compatible ink and toner provides a cost effective alternative to genuine Canon ink and toner, while still delivering the same vibrant color and clarity that you expect from Canon.

The range of inks and toners available for Canon printers and multifunction devices is as diverse as the printers and devices themselves. Canon toner comes as black toner, magenta toner, cyan toner, and yellow toner and is designed to print with exceptional quality from the first page to the last and remain consistent throughout. In addition to the high quality produced for every page, Canon toner cartridges are also available with high page capacities, so you can spend less of your time and money replacing and purchasing toner and ink, and more time running your business. Some Canon toner cartridges can produce as much as 14,000 pages for the yellow, magenta, and cyan toner cartridges, and as much as 26,00 pages for the black toner cartridge. No matter which toner option you need for your printer, you can count on receiving exceptional quality on every print, whether it be in black and white or full color.

In addition to a full range of ink and toner, Canonsupplies the image drums and fuser kits you need to keep your machine running at full capacity and producing excellent prints.

For Canon printers and multifunction devices that are designed to on media larger than standard page size, Canon supplies a full range of large format media. These oversize pages are available as fine art paper, photographic glossy, proofing paper, and banner and sign media. By using genuine Canon large format media in your Canon printer, you can count on getting the very best quality no matter what you’re printing.

Canon printing supplies are designed to help you get the most out of your Canon printer or multifunction device, both in terms of speed, image and text quality and price. No matter what your printing needs, Canon has the printers and supplies you need to produce exceptional work and stay within your budget.

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Xerox Releases New Color Laser Printers

A few days ago Xerox Corp announced the launch of two new Xerox Phaser printers and one Xerox WorkCentre printer. These three printers are the latest additions to the growing line of Xerox printers. In October of 2010, Xerox launched two lines of solid ink printers the ColorQube 8570 and the ColorQube 8870.

The Xerox Phaser 6010/N is a compact color laser printer ideal for the home office or for a business professional. Priced under $300, the Phaser 6010/N combines high quality (600 x 600 dpi x 4) with affordability. While it isn’t the fastest color laser printer on the market (12 ppm for color / 15 ppm for monochrome), the fact that it is small enough to fit on a desktop and capable of handling a strong monthly duty cycle (30,000 pages), we think this is an excellent option.

If your small business or workgroup is searching for a new color laser printer, then you may want to consider the brand new Xerox Phaser 6500/N or 6500/DN. These two Xerox Phaser printers can provide your office with high quality prints, lightning fast speeds (24 ppm for both color and B&W prints) and reliability (40,000 pages / month duty cycle).  The only difference between the Phaser 6500N and the Phaser 6500DN is that the 6500DN has auto-duplexing standard (and an MSRP price tag increase of approximately $100).

Lastly, if your office requires a top of the line multifunction color laser printer, then the Xerox WorkCentre 6505/N or 6505/DN was designed for you. This workhorse printer has the ability to print, copy, fax, scan and email. With the same specs as the Phaser 6500 series (24 ppm for color & B&W, 600 x 600 dpi x 4 resolution, 40,000 pages / month duty cycle), printer performance shouldn’t be a question. Some of this printer’s other nice features include: 2-sided copying and edge erasing, fax forwarding & secure faxing, scan to USB / scan to email, and auto-duplexing (standard with the WorkCentre 6505/DN).

The Supplies Guys will be selling printer supplies to these Xerox printers shortly,  so be sure to check back soon! In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the new line of Xerox printers, check out the three links below!

Xerox Phaser 6010 toner cartridges

Xerox Phaser 6500 toner cartridges

Xerox WorkCentre 6505 toner cartridges

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Business Printer Reviews 2011

Are you currently looking for a new printer for your small office or business? In this blog post we are listing four of the top business printers we reviewed during the course of 2010. Hopefully this review will give you a good start when it comes to navigating through the business printer waters.

Oki B431dn

what makes this a top business printer? The Oki B431dn produces high quality prints in lightning fast speed. Its flexible as there are three ways to connect with this printer. It is small in size when compared to other business printers in its class. The Okidata B431dn is ideal for the small office environment given its high duty cycle, paper capacity and relatively low maintenance costs. Plus auto duplexing comes standard with the Oki B431dn.

Oki B431dn Specs:

Printer Type: Monochrome Laser

Print Speed: up to 40 ppm

Duty Cycle: 80000 sheets per month

Print Quality: up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Paper Capacity: standard – 350 sheets / maximum – 880 sheets

Connectivity: USB, Parallel, Ethernet

Memory: 64 MB/320 MB

Toner Cartridge (page yield): standard capacity – 4K pages per cartridge / high capacity – 10K pages per cartridge

Other supplies needed: image drum

Lexmark E462dtn

what makes this a top business printer? The Lexmark E462dtn yields similar specs to the Oki B431dn. The high volume performance capabilities (duty cycle, page speed and print quality) coupled with a low cost per page are the two primary reasons as to why the Lexmark E462dtn is ideal for a small business owner or workgroup within a larger organization. It does have a slightly slower first page out speed at 6.5 seconds but duplexing is standard in this Lexmark printer. Plus it is network ready.

Lexmark E462dtn Specs:

Printer Type: Monochrome Laser

Print Speed: up to 40 ppm

Duty Cycle: 80000 sheets per month

Paper Capacity: standard / maximum – 550 sheets

Print Quality: up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Connectivity: USB, Parallel, Ethernet

Memory: 64 MB/576 MB

Toner Cartridge (page yield)standard capacity – 3.5K pages per cartridge / high capacity – 9K pages per cartridge / extra high capacity – 18K pages per cartridge

Other supplies needed: photo conductor kit

HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn

what makes this a top business printer? This workhorse of a monochrome laser printer is perfect for a high volume office environment that requires a great deal of black & white pages.  It has the flexibility to print to a wide variety of media types and can ensure confidential documents stay private with an optional PIN number. Perhaps a bank, title company or real estate office could use the LaserJet P3015dn. The print quality is among the best in its class given its speed capabilities. This printer is network ready and durable.

HP LaserJet P3015dn Specs:

Printer Type: Monochrome Laser

Print Speed: up to 42 ppm

Duty Cycle: 100000 sheets per month

Paper Capacity: standard – 600 / maximum – 1600 sheets

Print Quality: up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet

Memory: 128 MB/640 MB

Toner Cartridge (page yield): standard capacity - 6K pages per cartridge / high capacity - 12.5K pages per cartridge

Other supplies needed: N/A

Dell 1355cnw

what makes this a top business printer? If you are in an environment that requires high quality graphics to be printed then this printer is for you. What it lacks for in speed and paper capacity, it certainly makes up for in quality. Factor in that the Dell 1355cnw can copy, scan and fax in addition to printing and you’ve got the recipe for a solid business printer. It is an affordable option given the low cost of replacement supplies (the image drum and fuser unit are designed to last for the life of the printer, so you’ll never need to replace those parts). The one drawback is that you won’t be able to use this printer for any print jobs that require auto duplexing.

Dell 1355cnw Specs:

Printer Type: Multifunction Color Laser

Print Speed: color – up to 15 ppm / b&w – 12 ppm

Duty Cycle: 30000 sheets per month

Paper Capacity: standard / maximum – 160 sheets

Print Quality: up to 4800 x 4800 dpi

Connectivity: USB, Wireless, Ethernet

Memory: 128 MB

Toner Cartridge (page yield): standard capacity - 700 pages per cartridge / high capacity - 1400 pages per cartridge (color), 2000 pages per cartridge (black)

Other supplies needed: N/A

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Best Inkjet Printers on the Market

In this tough economy everyone is looking for new ways to save some money.  One way to save some green  is by reducing the amount of money you on printing. We don’t mean that you should ration off printer restrictions to each employee (although that might not be a bad idea, especially for the employee who enjoys printing pictures of her dog to put up in her cubicle), rather you should consider re-investing in more efficient laser toner or inkjet printers.

In a recent article published in Money magazine, Rik Fairlie identified a few money saving tips that anyone can employ plus identified two of the best inkjet printers available today. Rik’s biggest tip to consumers when comparing printers was to always factor printing costs and not just printer costs. To calculate the printing costs simply divide the cost of the printer cartridge by the number of pages each cartridge can print (known as the page yield). Farlie recommends aiming for monochrome text pages to be at or under 3¢ a page and for color pages to be under 9¢ a page.

The first printer on his list was the HP Officejet 6000 Wireless printer, which was called the “best value inkjet printer.” The built-in duplexer allows the Officejet 6000 to easily print on two-sides of a page while the per page print costs remain low: Black-and-white documents cost 2.7¢ a page; color prints cost 9.1¢ a page.

If you are looking for the best value All-in-One (copy, print & can) inkjet printer, then Fairlie recommends you consider the Kodak ESP 5250. Citing the reasons as extremely prices for replacement ink cartridges coupled with printing costs at approximately 2.4¢ each for black & white pages; 6.7¢ each for color pages.

For a full list of Rik Fairlie’s tips on how to find the best value printer, check out his article at CNN Money.

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