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3 Ways to Ensure a Productive Staff Meeting

Whether you manage a group of people, or you are part of an organization that is managed, productivity is always at the root of making effective collaborations. Staff meetings are one of the few times when managers and employees can get together and communicate about the goals and objectives of the weekly workload. Unfortunately, many staff meetings are wasted, or poorly run due to lack of organization or preparation. Here are tips to help you prepare for your staff meeting more effectively to benefit you and your staff’s time.

  • Collaborate about meeting objectives in advance: When possible, meet with employees, managers, and administrative personnel well before the meeting. Many managers make the mistake of waiting until the last minute before the staff meeting to ask if anyone has information, issues or content to add to the meeting. This makes for lack of complete information for the meeting, as well as ill-prepared staff members that feel put on the spot. Consider sending out an email a few days before the staff meeting, asking all parties involved if they have content to add to this week’s staff meeting.

  • Prepare an agenda: While this seems like a simple no-brainer tip, in fact, many managers don’t do this and it results in staff meetings that run over time, off topic, and in general use the collaboration time ineffectively. Plan you agenda with highlights of what you’d like to speak about, what was discussed at the last meeting, and what will carry over to the next meeting. This will help the meeting stay on topic, and will help buffer in time to go longer on more important topics, and less on minor ones.  If needed, ask an administrative person to help you prepare the agenda in conjunction with the meeting objectives in the first tip.
  • Use the staff meetings to talk and listen: Many employees dread staff meetings because they feel like it’s only an opportunity for management to tell them information, and to be “scolded”. Staff meetings should be looked at as a mini team building time, when management and employees alike are able to talk freely back and forth. Exchanging ideas, as well as voicing concerns, and coming up with remedies should be the goal and objective for all parties involved.  Consider setting aside a portion of the staff meeting for an open discussion time, or provide office hours in which management will freely listen to employees who may want to address concerns in private.

The next staff meeting should be regarded as valuable and necessary time, set aside to “get current” on the management and employees alike. Consider asking staff members outside of the meetings, what they would like to see added or detracted from the meetings to make them more effective. Staff meetings don’t have to be dreaded, they just need to be respectful of the time of all parties involved.

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