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3 Ways to Ensure a Productive Staff Meeting

Whether you manage a group of people, or you are part of an organization that is managed, productivity is always at the root of making effective collaborations. Staff meetings are one of the few times when managers and employees can get together and communicate about the goals and objectives of the weekly workload. Unfortunately, many staff meetings are wasted, or poorly run due to lack of organization or preparation. Here are tips to help you prepare for your staff meeting more effectively to benefit you and your staff’s time.

  • Collaborate about meeting objectives in advance: When possible, meet with employees, managers, and administrative personnel well before the meeting. Many managers make the mistake of waiting until the last minute before the staff meeting to ask if anyone has information, issues or content to add to the meeting. This makes for lack of complete information for the meeting, as well as ill-prepared staff members that feel put on the spot. Consider sending out an email a few days before the staff meeting, asking all parties involved if they have content to add to this week’s staff meeting.

  • Prepare an agenda: While this seems like a simple no-brainer tip, in fact, many managers don’t do this and it results in staff meetings that run over time, off topic, and in general use the collaboration time ineffectively. Plan you agenda with highlights of what you’d like to speak about, what was discussed at the last meeting, and what will carry over to the next meeting. This will help the meeting stay on topic, and will help buffer in time to go longer on more important topics, and less on minor ones.  If needed, ask an administrative person to help you prepare the agenda in conjunction with the meeting objectives in the first tip.
  • Use the staff meetings to talk and listen: Many employees dread staff meetings because they feel like it’s only an opportunity for management to tell them information, and to be “scolded”. Staff meetings should be looked at as a mini team building time, when management and employees alike are able to talk freely back and forth. Exchanging ideas, as well as voicing concerns, and coming up with remedies should be the goal and objective for all parties involved.  Consider setting aside a portion of the staff meeting for an open discussion time, or provide office hours in which management will freely listen to employees who may want to address concerns in private.

The next staff meeting should be regarded as valuable and necessary time, set aside to “get current” on the management and employees alike. Consider asking staff members outside of the meetings, what they would like to see added or detracted from the meetings to make them more effective. Staff meetings don’t have to be dreaded, they just need to be respectful of the time of all parties involved.

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How to Stay Awake During your Boring Office Day

Sleeping at Work

If you are like most professionals, the ability to stay awake at your desk is often a bigger challenge than the work you are faced with to perform your job. While many people think dozing off at your desk is caused by boredom, it can also be caused by lack of motivation; lack of exercise, and stagnant surroundings can also be culprits of tiredness at your office.  Here are tips to keep yourself from dozing off at work, as well as help you stay more productive in the process.

  • Make your surroundings interactive and engaging: Take a look at your surroundings at your work desk. Do you have pictures of family trips, inspiring photos, and colorful office supplies to keep you upbeat and interactive at your desk? If your desk instead looks like a cluttered space, with mounds of papers and neutral colors, and institutional type office supplies, you are probably bored AND uninspired. Consider organizing your office so that you feel inspired to sit down and work. Consider buying playful and colorful additions with office supplies, wall art, and creative cubicle decoration available at office supply stores.
  • Set goals and milestones throughout the day: Have you ever noticed when you work towards a goal the journey to get there is so much shorter? The same is true for ridding your boredom throughout your workday. Set realistic timelines for yourself for how long it should take you to finish filing, or how long it should take you to get through reading your emails. Afterwards, have a reward set in place, like a 15-minute walk outside to get fresh air, or a healthy snacks break from your company cafeteria. Everyone has different motivators; setting goals will keep your day form being boring and will keep it fast moving.
  • Practice healthy living habits at home and at the office: For many professionals, it isn’t hard to get to the gym, but it is hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night, or to wake up in ample time to get yourself leisurely ready for work. Your activity levels outside of the office should focus on well-rounded diet, exercise, and sleep routines throughout your day. Healthy living habits will keep you more energetic and awake at work, and will make your home life more enjoyable, as you won’t suffer from the “after-work” burn out daily.

Staying awake at the office is about adjusting your lifestyle, your surroundings and your mental stamina. Just like starting a new exercise regimen, training yourself to be productive during the day can be made easier with these helpful tips. If you still feel yourself dozing at work, walk around more often, try and get fresh air hourly, and look at your eating, sleeping and exercising habits to see if they can be modified. Turning into bed an hour earlier at night, may help you feel more refreshed during the workday.

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Shop, Fetch and Save – Spend $100 at The Supplies Guys and Receive a $10 PetSmart Gift Card

Have you heard that Friday, June 25, 2010 is Take Your Dog to Work Day? In honor of the day, The Supplies Guys is giving you a $10 gift card when you spend $100 or more until June 27, 2010. All you have to do is enter the promotional code POOCH$10 at checkout. Within the next few days, a follow-up email will be sent confirming your gift card with instructions on fulfillment.

PLUS, when you use your personalized PURL website with the promo code, you’ll receive FREE ground shipping on your order. For more information, click here.

About Take Your Dog to Work Day

Started by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day was initiated to celebrate the companionship dogs offer and to create awareness on adoption from shelters and humane societies. In the first year, only 300 companies took part in Take Your Dog to Work Day, but by 2003 there were over 5000 companies joining in the fun.

At, the expression is to “Go Furry,” which refers to employers opening their doors to the dogs of their employees. You can also find tons of helpful information on their website, such as how to prepare your dog for the office and how to get involved by “going furry.” Head to to download your 2010 Take Your Dog to Work Day Action Pack for more ways to support pet adoption. There’s also a fun gallery of professional pooches on the job, and here is where you can see professional dog photography.

Will your office be taking part in Take Your Dog to Work Day? How are you preparing your pooch for the office?

Don’t forget to take part in The Supplies Guys’ Shop, Fetch and Save Promotion!

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Farewell to Two of Our Supplies Guys as They Leave for Iraq to Serve Our Country

Memorial Day is about honoring the men and women that have died for our country as well as those who serve or have served in the military. As we approach this Memorial Day, we’d like to take some time to tell you about two members of the Supplies Guys family that will be leaving for Iraq on a 12-month deployment.

SFC Sean Paige – NY Army National Guard
1st Platoon, Platoon Sergeant

Sean Paige is our Sales Manager at The Supplies Guys. In this role, Sean oversees all sales and customer service representatives within the company. As Sean confidently leads this aspect of our company, we are proud to bid him farewell as Platoon Sergeant of the 442 Military Police Company.

SGT Adam Schafer – NY Army National Guard
1st Platoon, 2nd Squad Leader

Adam Schafer is the Government Sales Representative at The Supplies Guys. Adam works individually with all of our government accounts to provide each office and division with attentive customer service. Adam’s dedication to his customers are an indication of his work ethic that will undoubtedly be carried over to his role as 2nd Squad Leader of the 442 Military Police Company.

As Adam and Sean prepare to serve in Iraq, we ask that you keep them in your thoughts this Memorial Day, in addition to those that have served and died for our country. We want to thank Sean and Adam for their service to our country, as well as the hundreds and thousands of men and women that have done the same. You will be missed!

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