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Got Phaser 8560 Ink?

So you own one of the world’s most powerful Xerox printers, the Phaser 8560, but now you want to learn more about how to take care of your printer while keeping maintenance costs low. Well the first thing you should do (if you haven’t done so already) is to download the Xerox Phaser 8560 manual from Xerox Corp’s website. The 8560 manual should provide you with a detailed user guide and advanced features guide; installation guide and provide instructions for how to change your 8560 ink sticks and other printer supplies. We wanted to take some time and review common Phaser 8560 maintenance tips which are reviewed below. Hope you enjoy!

Phaser 8560 Ink Sticks

It is pretty clear to state that you should replace your 8560 solid ink sticks whenever your printer says it is running low. However on average one solid ink stick will typically yield 840 pages on a 5% coverage rate. If you are interested in getting the most out of your solid ink sticks, then we recommend you not allowing your printer to cool in-between print jobs (your printer needs to warm the ink prior to printing, so that is why printing in succession can maximize the life of your solid ink sticks).

One of the nicest perks when it comes to owning a Phaser 8560 printer is that there are plenty of options to help keep printing costs down. The two options are to either buy new, compatible solid Phaser 8560 ink sticks by volume (3+ solid ink sticks per color) or to buy bundled solid ink sticks.  Buying compatible solid ink sticks can save you up to 50% over the genuine OEM product. Manufacturers of compatible solid Phaser 8560 ink sticks will typically provide a guarantee to their ink sticks. Retailers of such products should also be offering a guarantee for compatible solid ink sticks.

The second option to help reduce the price of printing is to purchase your Phaser 8560 ink sticks in bundles. “Bundles,” is a term which typically refers to: three or more solid ink sticks in each color  – cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  It would be possible to purchase one bundle and walk away with 16 ink sticks (4 of each color). Buying the compatible solid ink sticks in bulk will allow for you to lower your cost / print on the Phaser 8560 series. If you are not comfortable purchasing compatible Phaser 8560 ink sticks but you still want the perks of saving money, then consider buying a bundled genuine OEM package.

To learn exactly what solid ink sticks are and how they work check out this post titled, Phaser solid ink sticks.

Phaser 8560 Maintenance Kit

Replacing your Phaser 8560 maintenance kit is a routine process for “maintaining” the health of your printer.  The 8560 maintenance kit includes: How often you need to replace your maintenance kit depends in terms of time, however maintenance kits for this printer model typically need to be changed every 10,000 prints (the standard maintenance kit).  Your printer will let you know when it is time for an upgrade :) Neglecting your printer’s warnings could lead to other expensive repair problems! Now if you don’t feel like changing your Phaser 8560 maintenance kit every 10,000 prints you can opt to purchase an “extended” maintenance kit. This option will allow you to print triple the amount at a significantly lower cost per print. Much like the Phaser 8560 Xerox ink sticks, buying compatible 8560 maintenance kits (both standard and extended versions) is a possibility.

Phaser 8560 N to DN Upgrade

The advantage of purchasing a Xerox N to DN upgrade is that it enables you to perform auto-duplexing thus saving time, money and frustration. Auto-duplexing is simply a term that means the printer is automatically printing on both sides (double-sided printing). Adjust the settings on the printer and you will be ready to go.

Other Phaser 8560 Printer Upgrades

Now there are a few quick and inexpensive ways to maximize the performance of your Phaser 8560 printer. If you work at a larger office or if your 8560 printer is constantly being summoned, then you may want to consider a memory upgrade (256 MB or 512 MB are both options) in order to extend your printing queue.  You should also consider purchasing the 8560 productivity kit. The productivity kit is essentially a hard drive for your printer. This will enable your 8560 printer to: print with extended font / form storage, saved personalized printer settings and more. Adding extra paper trays is also a convenient way extend printing capacity (each printer tray holds 525 sheets) if your Phaser 8560 is in high demand. Or if your sheet feeder ever breaks, that can be replaced too. We saved the best, most convenient upgrade for last – the wireless network adapter. The wireless network adapter transforms the Phaser 8560 printer from an Ethernet enabled printer to a fully wireless device. This allows your Phaser 8560 printer to be located anywhere in the office!

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Beware of Counterfeit Toner Cartridges – How to Keep Your Printer Safe

In recent years, printer supply manufacturers including Xerox, Canon, and Lexmark have been battling the increased illegal distribution of counterfeit toner cartridges throughout the United States. A counterfeit toner cartridge can be defined as a toner cartridge which appears to be manufactured by a major brand (Xerox, HP, Oki, Canon, Lexmark etc) and carries the logos, packaging, and other features that may lead the end user to believe it is an actual Genuine OEM toner cartridge when in reality the toner has an unknown, unauthorized manufacturer that in most cases does not comply with today’s printing compliance standards. Using these unauthorized and untested toners can damage your printer and will not last as long or print as clear as using Genuine and / or Quality Compatible toner cartridges.

In 2004, Xerox was able to work with customs officials from multiple countries to seize more than 7,200 counterfeit toner cartridges claiming to be Genuine Xerox toner cartridges for the Xerox Phaser 780. The estimated value of these busts was worth well over $1.3 million.

counterfeit toner cartridges

counterfeit toner cartridges

“Hundreds of thousands of illegal products, worth millions of dollars, are removed from commerce each year,” said Bill Duffy, president and chief executive officer of the Imaging Supplies Coalition, a nonprofit trade association. “This is a problem that faces the entire printing industry, and is something all manufacturers must remain vigilant in fighting to help prevent damage to the ultimate victim – the customer.” The Imaging Supplies Coalition is a non-profit trade association comprised of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of consumable imaging supplies (ribbons, toner, inks, cartridges, etc.) and equipment that have joined together to protect their customers by combating illegal activities in the Imaging Supplies Industry. The ISC currently has members including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Okidata, Samsung, Toshiba, and Xerox.

Lexmark was also successful in finding thousands of counterfeit Lexmark toner cartridges and filed suit against a New York based company named Finetone who were allegedly importing and distributing counterfeit Lexmark toner cartridges. The cartridges and packaging carried unauthorized reproductions of Lexmark’s trademarks.

In 2005, Canon conducted a civil raid of a US distributor who was engaging in the sale of counterfeit Canon toners. Canon was able to seize thousands of the counterfeit Canon supplies and the distributor has since agreed to no longer sell these types of supplies and also had to pay damages to Canon for the numerous violations. Canon encourages customers to buy Canon toner from authorized Canon dealers or distributors.

HP has taken the battle to the web and has released several informative and somewhat entertaining videos regarding the topic of counterfeit HP toner cartridges. Also, between 2005 to 2008, HP has conducted 4,620 investigations in 55 countries, resulting in 3,528 enforcement actions conducted by law enforcement officials where more than $795 million worth of counterfeit supplies products have been seized, including more than 8 million counterfeit ink cartridges and more than six million counterfeit toner cartridges – a total of more than 15 million counterfeit pieces. HP also has a great information page that will walk you through the steps on verifying that you have purchased a true Genuine HP Toner or HP Ink cartridge – click here to view the steps.

Counterfeit Product Defense (according to ISC)

“How can I tell if the product I buy is counterfeit”?
Due to the technology now available to the counterfeiters it can be difficult to distinguish counterfeit products from genuine.  You should pay close attention to the 5 P’s which are discussed below.

1. Person:  The ISC strongly encourages you to purchase imaging supplies from the OEM or one of their authorized resellers (such as The Supplies Guys :) ). This is the one best thing you can do to be sure you are buying genuine merchandise.
2. Price:  If the purchase price of the OEM product is substantially under the market price or looks like a deal that is too good to be true the product may not be legitimate. The ISC advises you to be very cautious with these situations.
3. Place:  Be cautious if the manner or place of the offer is different from the normal process of business or consumer transactions.
4. Packaging:  Be observant for any deviation in color, materials quality, spelling errors in the packaging. Many OEM’s have a product authentication hologram or color shift label on the packaging to assist in verification. Familiarize yourself with those used by your brand of choice and check for them.
5. Performance:  If you notice any significant variation in the performance of the product from previous experience or obvious defects in quality such as odor or leakage, the product may not be genuine.

Consumers who believe they may have purchased counterfeit imaging products can contact the ISC at (859) 278-3032 or visit

One way to be certain that you are not buying counterfeit ink or toner cartridges is to always buy from The Supplies Guys :) We only sell the highest quality Genuine OEM and Compatible ink and toner cartridges – and all of our products carry a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee!

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Help Xerox Support Our Troops Overseas

Despite the tough economic times and the numerous hardships that have plagued most of us (in one way or another) throughout 2009, the holiday season is a time for us to give back and spread joy to the world. This is especially needed for our troops who will be stationed overseas this holiday season. Xerox Corp. is setting the pace this year with their sponsoring of the Let’s Say Thanks mission.

According to the cause’s website, Let’s Say Thanks is “on a mission to provide a way for individuals across the country to recognize U.S. troops stationed overseas. By submitting a message through you have the opportunity to send a free personalized postcard greeting to deployed servicemen and women.”

Get Involved, It’s Easy!

Go to the website and click on View All Designs.  Pick your favorite design (which were created and submitted by students across America), and then add your message.  When you are completed, your postcard will then be processed and printed on the Xerox iGen3® Digital Production Press and mailed to soldiers overseas by the Give2TheTroops military support organization.

They also provide you with an embeddable widget that you can share on your favorite social network, blog or website, to help spread the word!

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Need to Print Fast? Compare The 3 Fastest, Most Affordable Black/White Laser Printers Under $300

If you are like me and prefer to spend your time doing more important things rather than waiting for your print job to finish, then check out these three budget monochrome (black and white) printers that are all under $300. They all print at speeds greater than 25 pages per minute, so if you have the same “NEED FOR SPEED” that I do, check them out.

Brother HL-5370DW Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer – $249:

Pages Per Minute: 32
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
2 Sided Printing: Yes (auto)
Brother HL-5370DW Laser Printer

Brother HL-5370DW Laser Printer

Standard Paper Capacity: 250 sheets
Connectivity: Wireless, Ethernet, Parallel, USB 2.0
Recommended Monthly Print Volume: 500 – 3500 pages
First Page to Print: Less Than 8.5 seconds
Size: 14.6″ x 15.1″ x 9.7″ 

The HL-5370DW is a flexible, high-performance solution for printer sharing in small offices. It offers the same print speed, input capacity and duplex printing capability as the HL-5340D, and it also features outstanding connectivity with its built-in wireless 802.11b/g and Ethernet network interfaces, as well as 32MB of memory. The built-in wireless 802.11b/g and Ethernet network interfaces allow you to share this printer with multiple users on your network. For users with wireless access points that support SecureEasySetup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or AOSS, you can automatically configure your wireless settings by simply pressing a button on your router.

You can also easily print two-sided documents as well as print professional looking documents, brochures, and booklets using the built-in duplex feature. This feature can help save money and reduce your paper use.

Samsung ML-2510 Compact Laser Monochrome Printer – $118:

Pages Per Minute: 25
Resolution: 1200 x 600 dpi
2 Sided Printing: Yes (manual)
Standard Paper Capacity: 250 sheets
Samsung ML-2510 Laser Printer

Samsung ML-2510 Laser Printer

Connectivity: Parallel, USB 2.0
Recommended Monthly Print Volume: ?
First Page to Print: 8.5 seconds
Size: 13.9″ x 11.8″ x 9.5″

 The SAMSUNG ML-2510 is a monochrome laser printer that can fit into almost any space. Samsung calls it “The most compact printer on the market”. It is especially easy to install, all it takes is just four clicks. It also has a jam-free roller system that can make printing much, much easier.

Clocking in at 24 ppm for A4 size, and 25 ppm for letter size, its printout rate gives other printers a run for the money. A resolution of 1,200 x 600 dpi will deliver clear and crisp prints, but the resolution is not as high as the other two laser printers being compared here.
Pages Per Minute: 30
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
2 Sided Printing: Yes (auto)
Standard Paper Capacity: 251 sheets
Xerox Phaser 3250/D Laser Printer

Xerox Phaser 3250/D Laser Printer

Connectivity: USB 2.0
Recommended Monthly Print Volume: Up to 4,000 pages
First Page to Print: As fast as 8.5 seconds
Size: 14.3″ x 14.5″ x 9.4″

The Xerox Phaser 3250/D is ideal for small offices where compact size and speed are a must. It has print speeds up to 30 ppm, a 400 MHz processor, a first-page-out time as fast as 8.5 seconds, and standard paper capacity of 251 sheets. You can also print on a variety of media including envelopes, labels, postcards, and more.

Save paper and reduce costs with “N-up” printing which allows you to print multiple pages on one sheet. When printing draft documents, you can use toner saver mode so solid areas will print gray instead of full black. Other advanced features include: Watermarks, Poster printing, Fit to page, Scaling, Overlays, Booklets, Reduce/enlarge, and Custom-size pages.

The automatic two-sided printing feature on all Phaser 3250 models can save you paper and money. You can also run your Phaser 3250 in Power Save and Toner Save mode and further reduce your electricity and consumables costs.


After looking at the bottom line functionalty that each of these 3 prniters has to offer, I think it is clear that if you are just looking to print, nothing fancy, no network options, etc… The Samsung ML-2510 may be right for you at a price that can’t be beat. If you want a few more bells and whistles, it seems like the Brother HL-5370DW edges out the Phaser 3250/D,  offering a few more options and a slightly lower price.


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