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The Art of Bracketology: What is Your Strategy?

It’s that time of year again, March Madness! The time of year when 65 college basketball teams are all competing for the same prize, pushing towards the same goal… To become the 2009 – 2010 NCAA Basketball National Champions.

While the coaches and players are preparing for the games to tip off on Thursday 3/18/2010, millions across the United States and throughout the world are also preparing… Their tournament brackets. This year, “bracketology” reached an all time high when the President of the United States publicly filled out his bracket on ESPN’s Sportscenter and then posted it online for millions to see. CLICK HERE to see President Obama’s NCAA Bracket.

With March Madness gaining popularity every year, I thought it would be worthwhile to review a few of the many different philosophies or strategies used to choose the right teams. Who knows – maybe you can use one of these strategies and be the envy of your office this year. What better way to review these strategies then to break down and analyze a few of our own brackets from within Supplies Guys.

#1 – EJ’s Bracket #2 – Jeff’s Bracket #3 – Tim’s Bracket


#1 – EJ’s Strategy: Local, Local, Local. Picking the hometown Ohio State Buckeyes to go all of the way may not be too far of a longshot, but picking Ohio University (my alma mater!) over the much higher rated Georgetown was a pick most would shy away from (even me)… But hey, check the scoreboard! So, if you are proud of where you are from and want to support your local teams, this bracket strategy is an easy one and only takes about 5 minutes :)

#2 – Jeff’s Strategy: Go with what you know. Jeff admittedly has not been keeping up on much college basketball this season. So his strategy incorporates his general past knowledge of teams (like “I think Pittsburgh has been good recently”) combined with the knowledge he was able to gain this season by watching a few games. So, by watching a few Vanderbilt games and a few Baylor games this year, Jeff felt confident enough to take Vanderbilt to the “Sweet 16″ and Baylor to the finals. Those of you who have been keeping up on the first day’s results know that only one of those two teams are still alive in the tournament.

#3 – Tim’s Strategy: Numbers and Percentages. This strategy does take a little more time than the above mentioned strategies, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will pay off. This strategy takes a blended look comparing the teams overall record, their “Team Outlook Percentage” according to CBS Sports, and the overall consensus pick coming from the “experts”. Most would think Murray State would have no chance against Vanderbilt… But according to my research there was a good chance the 30-4 Murray State Racers could upset the much higher rated Vanderbilt team. Of course no strategy is foolproof, but with all of the data in front of you I believe it gives you the better chance to make the best “educated guesses”.

Feel free to share your bracket strategy… And check back here in a few weeks and we will see which strategy worked the best!

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