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Why You Should Be Googling Your Brand

A while back, we discussed various free online tools that allow you to monitor your brand’s reputation online. These tools enable you to search blogs and websites that have mentioned you and your company. But how often do you Google your business?

There are several reasons you should keep up with your brand’s ranking on Google. First of all, if you run a business online, it’s likely that you put effort into search engine optimization. So, a common reason to use Google here would be to check out your keywords. Say your site sells parts for cars and you want to check your rankings for certain keywords you focus on, such as “ford explorer shocks” or “cold air intake.” To get an effective idea as to how your site and pages are ranking for these keywords, you should be using Google at least twice a week to check up.

In addition to the monitoring tools mentioned in the link above, you should also randomly check Google throughout the week to see what’s being said about your brand online. There are several third party sites that house reviews and coupon codes for websites that show up in Google searches. While some of these sites offer positive effects to your company, some of them can be so negative that they result in damage to your business.

Sites like and allow consumers to create a profile about your company and review their experience. Back to the car part store – let’s call it “” If you Google “” and you find a negative review about your company, what do you do? Keep in mind that if you see it on Google, customers (and potential customers) are seeing it, too.

Over at the Personal Branding Blog, they suggest sending out a press release as a way to control your Google results. Although they discuss sending out a personal press release, which may or may not be relevant to your business, it’s still a great idea to build off of. Not only is a press release a good way to gain results in Google, it also provides links and anchor text that boost SEO value.

These are just a few reasons it is important to use a site as simple as Google to keep up on your customer service and marketing endeavors. Are there any other suggestions your business has used? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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