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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for SG Print Manager?
Please click here and fill out the registration form. You will then be contacted shortly after receiving the registration form with instructions on how to install SG Print Manager.

Do you have any additional information about SG Print Manager?
Yes, we have a video which can be found on YouTube, or check out our blog article about the notifications you can receive, SG Print Manager Notifications. You can also always email or call to speak to a sales rep at 888-722-0390 as well.

How does Facilities Manager detect a Toner change?
Facilities Manager raises a toner change event when the previous reading for toner was 20% or lower, and if the current reading is 75% or more. For devices that do not report in percentages, FM will use the values in the Advanced Section of the Alert to assign equivalent percentages based on what they report.

What rights does the ICE software require?
The ICE software should be installed under a user account with Local System administrator rights to the computer hosting the software. By default ICE will set up it’s Windows services to run under the Local System account on the computer. These rights should be sufficient in most cases.

The ICE software requires read/write access to the Windows Registry on installation and when it’s services (scan service and updater service) run. The ICE software uses entries within the Windows Registry for validation of it’s activation code, proxy settings and other configuration settings. If the software is installed by a user with insufficient rights to read/write to the Windows Registry, it’s possible for validation errors to occur.

Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to run the ICE Services as a specific user to allow the software to access the Windows Registry or work with Authenticated Proxy servers.

Is there an expiry date on Activation Codes?
No, Activation Codes never expire. If an error occurs, one of the possible scenarios could be the cause:

  • the customer site was deleted.
  • the activation code was released through the Site Details screen in Facilities Manager.
  • the ICE software can no longer contact the Facilities Manager server to verify it’s license.
  • the ICE software was installed with insufficient rights to read/write to the Windows Registry.

What do I do after I’ve successfully installed and activated the ICE software?
If you are an end customer and have successfully activated the software, you do not need to do anything else. All other tasks are performed through the Facilities Manager portal by the dealer. Simply let your dealer know that you have successfully installed the software.

If you are a dealer, please refer to your Facilities Manager online help documentation to configure ICE, add users, etc. The online help is available by clicking on the "Help" link found in the upper right hand corner of the Facilities Manager web site.

Can ICE be installed on Vista 64 bit O/S?
Yes, it will run as a 32-bit process, but it will work just fine on Vista 64-bit.

Can I create my own Dashboard Views?
Yes you can. To do so follow the steps below:
1. Click on the Administration tab.
2. You have two options in creating your own customized view.
3. Click on the copy button for the Dashboard view that you wish to customize.
4. Click on the Create New View button.
5. Under View Settings page you can choose what columns to keep, modify, or delete.
6. When you are satisfied with the new view you have created click the Save button.

Can I schedule reports?
Anyone who has access to reporting has the privilege of scheduling a report to be sent to any individual they have on their list. You can choose the individuals who should get report delivered under the section ‘Email report to’. The most common option for scheduled delivery is email, but in some certain templates such as OMD Vision template you will have the option of using the web service to deliver your report.

What are the delivery types for alerts?
Currently there are three different delivery types available. The most common are Web and Email. The last delivery type is Web Service, which is most commonly used for Data Exports.

Can I keep track of multiple conditions being triggered?
Yes you can, go to smart alert profile details page and check off the checkboxes that you wish to be trigger an alert. Then click save button.

What web browser applications are supported with Facilities Manager?
Currently Facilities Manager has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, and 7/8. Facilities Manager has also been tested with FireFox 2.xx as well. Safari should work with the current version of Facilities Manager. Facilities Manager also works great with Google Chrome browser.

Do we track toner levels from devices without chips in the toner cartridges?
Both RAKv2 and ICE should recover toner levels on devices that have toner cartridges with and without chips. The chip is NOT a factor in whether we get a toner level reading or not.

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