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What Does Cartridge Yield Mean?

Cartridge yield is the estimated amount of pages that will be printed per cartridge. This is important when determining the cost per page of the printer. Most cartridge yields are determined at 5% page coverage, which is about a normal page of text. If you’ll predominantly be printing a lot of images, it’s suggested to do your own calculation at a high coverage rate.

To calculate the cost per page, simply divide the cartridge yield by the cost of the cartridge. For example, let’s say you are purchasing one cartridge for $79 and the yield is 2000 pages at 5% coverage. Take $79.00 and divide that by 2000 pages and you get a cost of .04 cents per page.

The option of high-yield or high-capacity toner cartridges is available for most printers. These cartridges contain more toner so they last longer and print more pages. Depending on how much you’re printing, high-capacity toner cartridges may be the best fit.