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Why Should I Buy Compatible Ink and Toner?

As a consumer, we suggest that you buy compatible ink and toner cartridges because they are of similar quality to OEM cartridges but at a much lower price.

Similar to razors, printers can be expensive to maintain with all of the necessary replacements. To lower the overall cost of printing, compatible cartridges are offered as an alternative.

Compatible ink and toner cartridges are manufactured by a third-party manufacturer, while original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, cartridges are made by the same brand as your printer. Third-party manufacturers construct the compatible cartridges from all new components to preserve quality and reliability. High-quality ink and toner is used to ensure the same degree of excellence is provided and no harm is caused to your printer.

Many manufacturers threaten customers that using compatible cartridges will damage the printer and void the warranty. This is completely untrue. In the United States, there are two laws in place stating that companies cannot disregard a person’s warranty if that person has used products by another company. These two laws are the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act and The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Law.

Because OEM cartridges are so expensive, compatible cartridges are a great way to save money in your home and office without sacrificing print quality.